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Arabic Book on Offer for a Week

Monday 20 Feb 2017
Hijri Islamic Date Based on Makkah & Madina
23 Jumada-Ula 1438 AH


New Article

Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi's message of balanced spirituality

Friday 17 Feb 2017
Hijri Islamic Date Based on Makkah & Madina
20 Jumada-Ula 1438 AH


Slightly damaged or used books but in good condition and reduced price.

Some of the Books may be just Fine but reduced due to effects of time on an unused book.


Kitaabun Customer Review

As salaamu aleikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh
I received my paracel in one weeks time and it was delivered to my door. This service was very well arranged and I could follow-up the route with the given tracking number. The books and games were nicely packed and secured from "bruising". Once again Kitaabun.com has brought exellent customer care and service and I am more than happy to return to shop in near future insha Allaah. May Allaah increase our knowledge which bring us closer to Him and forgive our shortcomings. Jazaakum Allaah khairan. 
Wa salaam​


Arabic Book on Offer for a Week

Sirat Khatim an-Nabiyin, Nadwi Arabic UKIA (Vol 5 Qasas Nabiyin)
[DD#0956 5A3 HB 286pp UKIA, By Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi, Summary of as-Sirah Nabawiyyah by Ibn Hisham

Back In Stock On 14-02-2017

Roots of Synthetic Theology in Islam By Mustafa Ceric
[#2154 1F1 HB 276pp ISTAC A Study of the Theology of Abu Mansur Al- Maturidi (d. 333/944)]

Being and Existence in Sadra and Heidegger A Comparative
[#0227 1F1 HB 193pp, ISTAC KL, Alparslan Acikgenc, 1993 • 212pp,Sadr al-Din al-Shirazi]


New Article

The Battle of Badr - The First Decisive Battle 

(From : The Sealed Nectar By Shaykh Safiur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri)

Monday 13 Feb 2017
Hijri Islamic Date Based on Makkah & Madina
16Jumada-Ula 1438 AH


New Article

Talbeenah : Benefits & Recipe of Sunnah dish 


Kitaabun Customer Review


I am highly impressed and satisfied with Kitaabun services from my conversation with your staff on phone, the ease in which I placed my order online and the prompt dispatched of my was second to none. This is simply a first class service, keep it up!!! 

Wednesday 08 Feb 2017
Hijri Islamic Date Based on Makkah & Madina
11 Jumada-Ula 1438 AH


Latest Offers

Adab al Mufrad al Jami Lil Adab al-Nabawiyyah: Imam Bukhari, Arb

An Exposition Of The Hearts: Imam Al-Ghazali Lebanon Print

A Princess's Pilgrimage - A Pilgrimage to Mecca (1863-1864)

A Comprehensive Guide to Tajweed (Muawiyah ibn Abdus-Samad

Ar-Rasul al-Mu'allim wa Asalibuhu fi 'l-Ta'lim, Beirut Print

An Imam in Paris: Account of Stay in France 1826-31, al-Tahtawi


In Stock After Long While

Mawlid Diba'i W/Commentary By Sheikh Alawi Al-Maliki (Arb-Eng)

This book is now available in paperback format. 


​New Article

Can a business partner take a salary or extra profit?
By Yusuf Shabbir

Approved by: Mufti Shabbir Ahmed Sahib and Mufti Muhammad Tahir Wadi Sahib 


Highly Recommended Books By The Kitaabun Editor


New Article

8 keys to attaining barakah in our lives 


On Offer For A Week

Umdatul Ahkam Fi Ma'alim Halal Wal Haram: Imam Maqdisi, Arabic

Back In Stock On 31-01-2017

Al-Khair Peelu Miswak (Set of 3) Natural Healthy Toothbrush
[Siwak Hygienically processed vacuum packed Miswak,Arak Salvadora Persica *]


About Al-Jami-us-Sahih known as Sahih Bukhari 


Kitaabun Customer Review

Assalamu Alaykum,

I hope and pray the reader of this email is in the best state of health and imaan.
I just wanted to say jazakallahu khairan to the team for sending out my order super quick, excellent service MashaAllah. May Allah swt reward the entire kitaabun team and make this blessed month their step closer to jannah InshaAllah.

JazakAllah also for the bookmarks, khajoor and booklets, very much appreciated.

Was - salaam 

Back In Stock On 26-01-2017

Durus-ul-Balaghah Ma'A Shams Al-Bara'a (Arabic Only)
[#5144 5E1 PB 159pp, Maktabat Al-Bushra, Hanafi Nasif, Muhammad Diyab, Sultan Muhammad, Allama Abil A]

Athar Al-Sunan Ma'a Taleeq Al Hasan By Allama Nimawi (ARABIC)
[PB#5177 5E2 HB 352pp Al Maktabat Al Bushra, Hanafi madhab Fiqh Rulings, Commentary on 113 AHadith]

Ilmi us-seghat By Mufti 'Inayat Ahmad al-Kakarawi (1228-12794)
[P#5152 5E2 i@HB 316pp,Maktab Bushra Sayyid Abdul Rashid Ibn Masood Hasen Arabic Translation of the]

Ikhtiyar li Ta'lil Al Mukhtar: Maudud Mausili al Hanafi, Arabic
[DE#1984 6C2 HB 5 Vol. in 2 books, Dar Al Hadith, Commentary: Abul Latif M A Rahman, Ed. Abdullah Al]

Al Mulakhas al Mufid Fi Ilm al Tajweed Arabic Only
[B#2736 6B3, PB 192pp,Al Mulkhas al Mufid Jamzuri, ibn jazri, Darussalam Egypt]

Back In Stock On 25-01-2017

A Refined Explanation of The Sanusi Creed By Shaykh Sa'id Foudah
[#4457 0B3 PB 224pp,The Foundational Proofs,Sunni Publications, English Translated by Suraqah Abdul]

A History of the Prophets of Islam: Vol 1 By Suzanne Haneef
[#1081 1B1 vol 1 PB, 525pp, Derived from the Quran, Ahadith & Commentaries, Kazi Publications, Schola]

Al-Ghazzali: Alchemy of Happiness (Kimiyah al-Sa'adat)
[#2456 1B1 PB 1000+pp 2Vols Set Kazi Publications, Tr: Jay R. Crook, Great Books of the Islamic World]

Al-Ghazzali - His Psychology of Greater Struggle: Laleh Bakhtiar
[#3666 2Q2 PB 127pp ABC International Group, Life, commentary, Alchemy of Happiness]

Razi's Traditional Psychology By Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya
[#3621 2Q2 PB 110pp, Al-Razi, Tr. AJ Arberry, Islamic Book Service, Damascus, psychologist, physi]

Back In Stock On 17-01-2017

Noorani Qaaidah (Mukammal), New Revised and Improved Edition
[DI#0742 2K PB 60pp Primer For Learning & Qur'an Recitation. Specially For Children]


New Article

11 Benefits of Reading 


Back In Stock

Juz 'Amma for School Students (Weekend Learning) Green (2010 Ed) 
[#3752 +110@7A PB 216pp Weekend Learning, Arabic Text Transliteration Translation inc. Surah Fatiha]
This book covers Surah Al-Fatiha and all the surahs from Juz 'Amma


On Offer

Umra Diaries: A journey on the path to inclusion

Time is Running Out Catastrophes before the day of judgement

The Meaning of the HOLY QUR'AN, Arabic-English: A Y ALI - Amana


New Article

​Umar ibn al-Khattab - Defender of the Faith - Abu Eesa Niamatull 

Back In Stock On 07-01-2017

Towards Understanding Qur'anic Arabic: 4th Ed + Free DVD Album
#2460 1A1, HB 704pp QAF,Manual Teaching Through Quran Revised , Dr Surty, Muhammad Ibrahim, practical


Back In Stock

Hilmy The Hippo Becomes A Hero By Rae Norridge (Hard Bound)


The Obligations Muslims Owe to the Quran


Imam Jalaluddin as-Suyuti


On Offer

Matn Ar-Risala: Ibn Abi Zayd Al-Kairawani Arabic-English


2017 1438/1439 Hijri Islamic Calendar: Life of Charity in Islam


​Hadith Quotes: Selected Collection To Ponder Upon & Practice


Indeed, We have made that which is on the earth adornment for it that We may test them [as to] which of them is best in deed.  {T.M.Q: 18:7}


Children's Activity Books By Islamic Foundation


50% Off
A Reader of Modern Arabic Short Stories (NO Tashkeel)
£7.95 £3.98


I have never been disappointed and extremely well pleased with the service and swiftness at which the deliveries take place thru Kitaabun.com 
I live in Germany, so I am thankful for the large selection of books and the exceptional delivery time as well as the reasonable prices.

Thanks Kitaabun.com and Godspeed ​

Kitaabun Customer Review


Back In Stock

​Madinah Arabic Reader Book 1 Lughatul Arabiyyah, Child Friendly
I#3072 5D5, Dr Abdur Rahim 80pp PB Goodword,Course for English Speaking Students 


Slected books on Leadership & Management 


Grammar and Writing Guide Based On EDEXCEL GCSE Specification
M#4659 5D4 By Ghassan Numan Mahir,PB 204pp, mm Books,fourth revised edition 2011

Sharh al-Muqadimat al-Hadramiyah: Arabic, Shafi'i Fiqh By Sa'id
Pb#4148 6D1 HB 720pp Dar al-Minhaj al-Musama Bushra al-Karim bi Sharh Masa'il al-Ta'lim


Realistic & Rewarding Resolutions


Special Offers


Back In Stock

Muhammad (S) The Perfect Man By Sayyid Muhammad ibn Alawi al-Maliki al-Hasani
#4406,1Q1 20@7A6,ibn Alawi al-Maliki al-Hasani, HB 352pp, Visions of Reality Books, Khalid Williams


Wholesalers To Bookshops, Trading & Educational Organisatons Discount


In Stock After Long While

​Al-Nahw Al-Wadih Fi Qawaid al-Lugha al-Arabiyyah 
Part 2 : Arabic Only
By Ali al-Jarim & Mustafa Amin
Ma' Dalilil Ijabaat al-Nmuzjiyyah 
(with the guide for typical answer)
By Dr Muhammad Hamasah Abdul Latif, Dr I'saam Eid al-Gharbiyyah & Dr Mahrus Bariyyak 
Hardback 479 Pages 
Publisher : Dar Quba' al-Haditha

Back In Stock On 13-12-2016

Free Childrens Book in English For Orders Over £20.00 Limited
To One Book Per Order. 1c1 Offer Whilst Stock Last

1i1, PB, 132PP, Shaykh Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb, Aqsa Publishers, Preface Ismail adam Patel

Shaykh Muhammad al-Hashimi: His Life and Works, Mokrane Guezzou
#2766, 1i1 PB 193pp Viator Books UK .Algerian, Master, Shadhili Sufi Tariqa, spiritual method

The ADAB of the True Seeker By Al-Buzaydi, Muhammad Ibn Ahmad
#1580 PB 105pp, 1S1, Trans with Intro & Notes By Mokrane Guezzou, Serenity Productions UK


Back In Stock

al-Mu'jam al-Arabiyyah Bayna Yadayk: Arabic Only, Dictionary
DB#3802, 6H1, HB 403PP, al-'Arabiyyah Li Ijma'i, Dr Mohammed Aal Shaikh, Dictionary of 3 books 


Mo'jam al-Tasrif al-Mar'ie Lil Fe'l al-Arabi 
A Dictionary of Visual Conjugation of the Arabic Verb 
By Abou Fares El-Dahdah
Hardback 800 Pages
Publisher : Arab Scientific Publishers, Beirut (2007)

This book on Tasrif is a very useful work of reference, if only because of its unusual degree of detail and comprehensiveness, combined with clarity of layout.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!] 
​Kitaabun Customer Review


Contemporary Muslim Scholars 


Special Offer

Ash-Shifa of Qadi 'Iyad Muhammad Messenger of Allah Revised


Nahw Mir: A Primer in Arabic Grammar By Al-Jurjani, English
My First Thaught was, we now have so many Classical Nahw Books in English why yet another one.
But upon reading just a few pages of this book you soon see the difference and the great contribution of this work and how it can help you in your Journey of Learning the Arabic language.
I would recommend this book even if you already have few of the Other ones.

Kitaabun Editor Review
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Back In Stock On 03-12-2016

al-Sayful Maslul 'ala man Sabba ar-Rasul: Arabic Imam Subki
b#4143, 6g1, HB 518pp, Dar Ibn Hazm, Tahqiq: Shaykh al-Hilali, Ruling on those who insult the Prophet

Nayl al-Ibtihaj bi Tatriz al-Dibaj, As-Sudani
#5731 HB 6E5 608PP DKI by Ahmad Baba al-Tinbukti al-Sudani

Burhan al-Thubut fi Tabri'at Harut wa Marut: Arabic, al-Nabalusi
B#2389, 6I3, HB 376pp Dar al-Basha'ir al-Islamiyyah, F/Ward by Mufti of Lebanon, Tahqiq Dr. Umar

Al-I'tiqad Wal Hidaya ila sabil al-Rashad: Imam Bayhaqi ARABIC
b#3592 6I1 20@ 7A2 HB 225pp Dar Ibn Hazm Hafiz Imam Abu Bakr Ahmad bin Hussain al-Bayhaqi

Fadhl 'Ilm al-Salaf 'ala 'Ilm al-Khalaf: Arabic, Ibn Rajab
B#3782 6i4 HB 104pp Dar al-Basha'ir al-Islamiyah Superiority of the Knowledge of the Predecessors

Al Qur'an Al Kareem Mushaf Uthmani A5 White Paper 2 Col Print
B#0830 6A4,Text HB 604+pp ,Medium size 14x20, Arabic Quran Karim Usmani ,15 Lines Daily Reading Mos

Ruh al-Ma'ani fi Tafsir al-Quranil 'Adhim: 30Vol/15Books al-Alusi
B#2516 6A5 2@ 7a1, Allama al-Alusi Hanafi, HB 30 Volumes In 15 Books, Dar Ihya al-Turath

al-Majmu' Sharh al-Muhadhdhab 25Vol Arabic Nawawi Shafi'i Fiqh
B#3262 6D4, Includes Ash-Shayrazi&Subki 5c2, HB ~7500 pp Tahqeq Shaykh Al-Mudi'i, Dar Ihya al-Turath


Arabic Books Back In Stock

Al-Hikam Ibn Ata'illah Sharh By Ibn Zarruq al-Fasi. ARABIC ONLY

al-Sayful Maslul 'ala man Sabba ar-Rasul: Arabic Imam Subki

Al Qur'an Al Kareem Mushaf Uthmani A5 White Paper 2 Col Print

Al-I'tiqad Wal Hidaya ila sabil al-Rashad: Imam Bayhaqi ARABIC

Ar-Rasul al-Mu'allim wa Asalibuhu fi 'l-Ta'lim, Beirut Print

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