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Join the Kitaabun TeamTopic: Customer Experience
Join the Kitaabun Team We are urrently looking for Re-sellers in the Major Cities and Universities in the following Countries: France, Germany, Belgium, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Luxemburg. Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, Spain. Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, L...
Published: Thursday 21 July, 2011
Free Shipping To Many EEC Countries With These CodesTopic: Customer Experience
France, Germany, Belgium, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands & Luxemburg: Free Shipping For Orders Over £130.00 No Code Is Required Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, Spain: £19 (30 Kg) Free Shipping For Orders Over £180.00: - Please Use Discount Coupon Code:pp180 Otherwise...
Published: Thursday 30 June, 2011
New / Back in Stock at Kitaabun Online BookshopTopic: Customer Experience
Please Click To See New Books at Kitaabun Back in Stock: 30/march 2010 Economic Development and Social Peace in Islam, MA Mannan 1ji, PB, 126PP, TAHA Publishers, London, analytical study, Muslim community production distribution 25/March/2010 Now in stock Riyad-us-Salihin...
Published: Monday 22 February, 2010
Shipping & Returns Fulfil the Covenant of Allah when ye have entered into it, and break not your oaths after ye have confirmed them; indeed ye have made Allah your surety; for Allah knoweth all that ye do. (TM Quran 16:91) Please click here for the latest Notice and News from kitaabun Current s...
Published: Tuesday 01 September, 2009
Free UK Delivery For Orders Over 57 or Leicester CollectionTopic: Customer Experience
Kitaabun Classical and Contemporary Muslim and Islamic Online Bookshop FREE SHIPPING BY COURIER FOR ALL UK ORDERS OVER £57.00 Expect Delays in Deliveries During the Adverse Weather Conditions Some of our shipping Companies and the Royal mail may experience delivery delays in many areas of ...
Published: Wednesday 18 March, 2009
Selected List of Publishers at Kitaabun.comTopic: Customer Experience
Abul-Qasim Adam Publishers Aisha Bewley Al-Baz Publishing Al-Firdous Publications Alhambra Productions Al Hidaayah Publishing Al Ibaanah Al Maiman Publishing Al Sadlaan Amal Press Amana Publications American Trust Publications (ATP) Angelwing Anglo-Arabic Graphics ANQA Pub...
Published: Tuesday 26 August, 2008
Real Classics Qadi Iyad Shah Waliullah Dan FodioTopic: Customer Experience
Islamic and Muslim books Leicester East Midlands UK United Kingdom Bookshop Booksellers. The Mejelle: Majallah el-Ahkam-i-Adilya & a Complete Code on Islamic Civil Law]- Ash-Shifa of Qadi 'Iyad: Muhammad Messanger of Allah - Shah Waliullah & Al-Fauz Al-Kabir Fi Usul Al-Tafsir By Shah Wali...
Published: Friday 01 February, 2008
Al-Shama'il & Sahih MuslimTopic: Customer Experience
Al-Shama'il Al-Shama'il Muhammadiyyah: A Commentary on Depiction of Prophet Imam Tirmidhi Al-Shama'il Muhammadiyyah: A Commentary on Depiction of Prophet DD#5320 1S2 HB 500pp 17 @ 7A 3 Imam Tirmidhi Selected Commentary In English, Dar al-Arqam, Arabic H 14.95 Khulasa - A Summary of Abu Isa At-T...
Published: Tuesday 08 January, 2008
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