The effect of Homosexuality and pornography on society Michael
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The effect of Homosexuality and pornography on society Michael


By Michael Mumisa
Paperback Booklet 32 Pages
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The literal meaning of pornography is writing about prostitutes. It also means relating information about sexual actions of ones self or about others, to those who feel delighted in absorbing such information, or who, as a consequence, are drawn to it.

From time immemorial, lewdness and shamelessness are present in human nature if they are not properly controlled. In the Bible, Torah and the Qurn, we come to know about Qawm Lt, the people of Prophet Lt (Lot), who were involved in perverted sexual activities which attracted Allahs wrath. All these great scriptures have preached towards regulated sexual activities and procreation.

In recent times, in various media, print as well as electronic, there seems to be an explosion of pornographic material and the relatively current media content seems to be generally phonographic. Under some definitions of pornography, anything that serves to arouse sexual feelings qualifies as pornographic. Such an interpretation could include broadcast, cable and satellite-delivered television. Other forms of explicit sexual depictions tend to be circulated to relatively specific audiences.

Abu Hurairah narrates that the Messenger of Allah said:

'I will not be a witness for two types of people who are destined for the fire: people with whips, like the tails of cows, who beat the people (i.e. tyrants who are the enemies of their own people) and women who, although clothed, are yet naked seducing and being seduced, their hair style like the tilted humps of camels. These will not enter the paradise nor will its fragrance reach them although its fragrance reaches a very great distance

Islam looks at homosexuality and lesbianism as unnatural act of sex to satisfy ones passion. The Qurn gives the example of the people of Lut, (Prophet Lut) who, in spite of the warning from Prophet Lut they committed sodomy and their entire society became involved in it.

The Qurn speaks of them in the following words:
We also sent Lt; he said to his people: Do you commit adultery as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? For you practise your lusts on men in preference to women: you are indeed a people transgressing beyond limit.
Islam therefore considers homosexuality a great sin and a crime punishable by Islamic law. Muslim jurists however differ regarding the nature of punishment.

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