Fatih Sultan Muhammad DVD Video, full length feature Cartoon Fi
[1m3, 156 Minutes,{historical epic animation, Story of the Ottoman conqueror Sultan Muhammad II]

Fatih Sultan Muhammad DVD Video, full length feature Cartoon Fi

Fatih Sultan Muhammad DVD Video (full length feature Cartoon Film)
156 Minutes
Alla Animation and Zain Media
Suitable for Ages 3 and Above 

Fatih Sultan Muhammad is an incredible breakthrough in Islamic video entertainment. (For Adults as well as Children)

Fatih is first ever full length feature made in adherence to the highest standards of hand drawn animation, produced in the Muslim world.

As your family watches this masterpiece, you will enjoy going back in time to admire the glory of Muslim civilization and to witness one of the most pivotal events in the Muslim history - the opening of Constantinople in 1453

This historical epic animation that has captured the hearts of thousands of Muslims of all ages! Its the story of the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad II from his first ascension to the throne in 1444 at the tender age of only 12. One of history's greatest young leaders. He was a scientist with a passion for learning, a just leader who welcomed people of other religions, a brilliant military strategist and a patron of the arts. When he was only 21, he led the Muslim armies and liberated Constantinople from oppressive rule.

The project follows Sultan Muhammad through his struggles, dealing with the plotting and aggression of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine XI, and it shows his creative planning for defence against an inevitable clash with the crusaders. The story culminates with the final battle to open Constantnople, the Byzantine capital, to protect the security of the ottomans.
The siege and conquest of Constantinople and exemplary events in Muslim history as the Ottomans depended not only on their strong faith, but also on wise planning and technological superiority. So, prepare to be moved by the inspirational story of a great Muslim leader who, at the age of 22 led the Ottoman forces and brought an end to the decadence and injustice of the Byzantine empire.
The cartoon format makes it more interesting for the younger Muslims too.


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