Learn Qur'anic Script Rapidly (Book+ 2 Free DVD's) Dr Surty, MIH
[#2121 1A2, 64pp, A4, HB, QAF, The DVDs contain 12 lessons set in a unique and lively classroom sett]

Learn Qur\'anic Script Rapidly (Book+ 2 Free DVD\'s) Dr Surty, MIH
Learn Qur'anic Script Rapidly
by Dr Muhammad Ibrahim H. I. Surty
64 Pages A4 Size, (+ 2 DVD's)
QAF, Qur'anic Arabic Foundation, Birmingham UK

ISBN 1 898596 35 2

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  • Bring a teacher Home to teach Qur’anic Script
  • This fully illustrated colour hardcover A4 size textbook accompanies two free DVDs (included) to provide a glorious opportunity for children and adults to learn the Qur’anic script and its correct pronunciation rapidly.

    The DVDs contain 12 lessons set in a unique and lively classroom setting taught by Dr Muhammad Ibrahim H. I. Surty, Senior Lecturer, Department of Theology and Religion, University of Birmingham, UK.


Arabic Letters in English
The Alphabet   
Origins of the Arabic Letters
How to Say the Arabic Letters   
Harakat, Short Sounds
Table of the Arabic Alphabet           
Making a Word
The  Sukun, Letter Without Any Extra Sounds
Long Sounds
Sounds (aw) abd (ay)
Shaddah, Adding The Letter Nun
The Use of Ta
The Madd, An Extra Long Sound
Pictorial Themes
A Key to Exercises on 'Write in Arabic'
No 1-18

About the author:
DR. MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM H. I. SURTY (b. 1941) studied for his M.A. at the University of Bombay on 1966 before migrating to the U.K. He obtained his Ph.D. for the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London in 1972. His thesis on the theme of Adab al-Qadi, the Administration of justice in Islam, is published in two volumes from Minna.
Dr. Surty taught fourteen years in Sokoto, Nigeria and worked for three years as Senior Research Fellow at the Islamic Foundation, Leichester before joining the Centre of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, Selly Oak Colleges, University of Birmingham. His other works include Towards Understanding the Glorious Qur'an; Arabic the Language of the Glorious Qur'an and al-Shari'ah and A course in 'Ilm al-Tajwid, The Science of Reciting the Qur'an. He has contributed articles on Islam to international journals.

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