The Boy and the King DVD Video, Animated Story of Obaid Based
[Cartoon, Authentic Narrarion of the People of the Ditch’ (Ashab-ul-Ukhdood’) in Surah Burooj] 1hr 18]

The Boy and the King DVD Video, Animated Story of Obaid Based

The Boy and the King
DVD Video
1hr 18min, Ages 3 to Adult.

The story is taken from an authentic narration of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which explains the reference to ‘The People of the Ditch’ (Ashab-ul-Ukhdood’) in Surah Burooj (TM Qur’an 85:4)

This is the inspirational animated story of Obaid who lived at  the time of an evil king who wants to be worshipped himself - above Almighty God. Obaid becomes the apprentice of the king's sorcerer and his tempted by dreams of power, but one day his soul is awakened when he meets a pious monk who teaches him about Allah.
In this exciting and dramatic story the boy struggles to teach the  truth to others, but his wicked king tries desperately to kill him. 

Details taken from an authentic hadith of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) mentioned in Sahih Muslim. It explains the background of "The People of the Ditch" mentioned in Surah Burooj.

Now, through the marvel of animation, your family can journey back in time to relive Obaid’s epic struggle. This video is the second release from the makers of Fatih-Sultan Muhammad, the most popular Islamic video ever. It includes the first-ever soundtrack of Islamic songs in English, performed by young Muslims – and it is sure to be another Muslim family favourite

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