Within the Boundaries of Islam A Study on Bid'ah M Al-Ghazali
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Within the Boundaries of Islam A Study on Bid\'ah M Al-Ghazali
Within the Boundaries of Islam: A Study on Bid'ah
(Laysa Min Al- Islam)
By Shaykh Muhammad al-Ghazali
Translated by Aslam Farouk-Alli
Published by Islamic Book Trust
ISBN 9789675062650
Paperback, 269 Pages

This modern study on bid'ah - or heretical innovation - critically explores the boundaries of normative Islam and oulines the legal debate surrounding the subject. It examines the influence of foreign elements in Islamic thought, focusing on corrupt religious practices, as well as distorted beliefs, acts of worship and customary practices pertaining to religious expression. Muhammad al-Ghazali also argues for a 'Sufi core' in the reformist tradition, but one that has been stripped of the foreign accretions that have corrupted many Sufi movements.

About Sheikh Muhammad al-Ghazali

Sheikh Muhammad al-Ghazaliwas one of the most influential Islamic scholars of the twentieth century, both as an author and in the field of Da'wah. Born at Buhayra, Egypt in 1335/1917, he received his schooling at the Alexandria Religious Institute before entering the Faculty of Usul al-Din at the University of al-Azhar.

In 1362/1943, al-Ghazali was appointed Imam and lecturer at al-Makataba al-Khadra in Cairo. He later became a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood and a close associate of Sheikh Hasan Al-Banna. During the early 1950s he worked for the Islamic Movement in various capacities. Subsequently his work for Islam extended over many parts of Africa, Asia. Europe and America as well as the Arab countries.

Between 1391/1971 and 1410/1989, Sheikh al-Ghazali rose through the ranks of the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf, to become Undersecretary for Islamic Da'wah, His academic career included spells of teaching at the universities of Umm al-Qura (Makka) and Qatar: and he served as a Chairman of the Academic Council first of al-Amir 'Abd al-Qadir University, at Constantine, Algeria, and later of the international institute of Islamic Thought at Cairo.

Sheikh Muhammad al-Ghazali published over sixty books, several of which have been published in translation. Probably the most important is "Journey through the Qur'an" (al-Tafsir al-mawdu' li-suwar al-Quran al Karim). He received many awards in recognition of his contribution to learning and Da'wah. He died in 1416/1996 while attending a conference in Saudi Arabia. 

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