Quran Challenge Game : A Fun Way To Learn About Quran (Green)
[G#534 3H1 Goodword, Board Game Suitable: 8 to Adults, 2- 4 Players, fun, education, Q & A format]

Quran Challenge Game : A Fun Way To Learn About Quran (Green)

Quran Challenge Game 
A Fun Way To Learn About Quran
Board Game Suitable for Ages 8 to Adults 2- 4 Players
Manufacturer : GoodwordKidz

About The Product 

The Quran Challenge Game for children is a unique game based on the Holy Quran. The idea behind this game is to provide the children with both fun and education. All questions are taken from the Quran. 

They have been creatively worked into this game and children will enjoy answering them. This game can be played at school or at home with all the family members. Begin your journey and find out what fun it is to learn from the Quran.

An Excellent Game for Children As well as Adults.
Ideal for Family Get together.

600 questions from the following categories: 

  • Quranic Knowledge
  • Prophets in the Quran
  • People in the Quran
  • Places in the Quran
  • Message of the Quran
  • 99 Names of Allah
ISBN 9788178982694

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