al-Bahjat fi Sharh al-Tuhfat 2 Vol. (Arabic Only) By al-Tasuli
[B#1633 Large, 6e4, Maliki Judge Guide, HB, 2 Volume, 1259pp, Dar al-Fikr]

al-Bahjat fi Sharh al-Tuhfat 2 Vol. (Arabic Only) By al-Tasuli

al-Bahjat fi Sharh al-Tuhfat 2 Vol. (Arabic Only)
 Imam Abi al-Hassan 'aliy bin 'Abd al-Salam al-Tusuliy
back 1259 Pages (2 Volume)
Published by Dar al-Fikr

About the Book:
This book is about the Science of Judiciary or judging in courts of law according to classical school of Imam Malik. It is a book that the Judge, teacher and student cant do without. al-Bahjat fi Sharh al-Tuhfat by the scholar al-Tasuli with a further explanation by al-'allamah al-Tawudiy has been printed by Dar al-Ma'rifat while using the notes of Ustadh Muhammad al-Rafa'iy. The Tuhfat (which is the original book) also known as Tuhfat al-Ahkam was written by the Qadi Abi Bakr Muhammad bin 'Asim al-Andalusi. This book is written as a poem form which is 1698 verses long.


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