Fiqh al Maliki Fi Thawbihi al Jadid: Dr. Shaqfat, 6 vol, Arabic
[B#3103 6E4 8F@2 HB ~2800pp Dar Al Qalam, Siyagha Jadida wa Muyasaratun lil Ahkami Ash-Shariyat]

Al Fiqh al Maliki Fi Thawbihi al Jadid 6Vol : Arabic Only
By Dr Muhammad Bashir Shaqfat
Hardback ~2800 pages (Average of 400 pages per Volume)
Publisher : Dar al Qalam

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About The Book

This is extensive explanation and important book in the Maliki madhab. It has been researched and written down and also published bit by bit over the last decade and half by Dr.  Muhammad Bashir Shaqfat. 

This book explains problematic words in the Arabic language as well mentioning Ahadith and verses that make the Maliki position stronger.

A very highly recommended work for students and teachers.

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The Blood Sacrifice offered on the day of 'Id al-Adha'

The jurists disagree about sacrifices whether they are obligatory or are a sunna. Malik and al-Shafi'i held that it is one of the sunna mu'akkada (emphatic sunna). Malik made an exemption in the case of the pilgrim for relinquishing it at Mina. Al-Shafi'i did not make distinction between pilgrims and others 
Abu Hanifa's said that the sacrifice is obligatory for  those residents of the cities who can afford it, 
and that it is not obligatory for travellers. He was opposed in this by his two disciples Abu Yusuf and Muhammad who maintained that it is not obligatory (but is a sunna). The same opinion as Abu Hanifa's is also related from Malik
  Bidayat al Mujtahid  The Distinguished Jurist's Primer  by Ibn Rush-