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Ahkamul Ahkam Sharh Umdatul Ahkam 4V/2Books (Arabic Only)
[DB#1608 6E2 HB 840pp 9782745129413 DKI, By Ibn Daqiq Al-'Id, Ed. Muhammed Munir 'Abduh Agha Al-Azha]

إحكام الأحكام شرح عمدة الأحكام
Ahkamul Ahkam : Arabic Only

Sharh 'Umdatul Ahkam 
By al-Imam al-Allama al-Hafiz al-Faqih al-Mujtahid Sheikh al-Islam Taqi Deen Abi al-Fath famous as Ibn Daqiq Al-'Id
Editor : Muhammed Munir 'Abduh Agha Al-Azhari al-Dimashqi
Hardback 840 Pages
Publisher : Dar Al-Kotob Al Ilmiyyah

ISBN: 9782745129413

About The Book

'Umdatul Ahkam is a famous text that contains hadith pertaining to juristic rulings (ahkaam) from Bukhari & Muslim written by Imam Abd Al-Ghaniyy Al-Maqdisi. 

Like Bulugh al Maram, ibn Hajar, the author leaves out the chains of narration and suffices with the name of the Sahabi. 

The ordering of the chapters falls in line with the Hanbali fiqh as the author himself was hanbali, yet despite that many scholars from other schools of thought paid great attention to this text, such as Ibn Daqeeq al 'Eid and ibn al Mulaqqin. 

This book is the explanation of the above mentioned book, which is one of the best sharh ever written on it as it is classical but concise and not too detailed. He explained the problematic narrations, supplemented some Ahadith with others, brought out the wider understanding (Fiqh) of the hadith as well as combined the views of the Fuqaha. 

About The Author

Ibn Daqiq al-'Id was born in 1228 Ad, He is accounted as one of Islam's great scholars in the fundamentals of Islamic law and belief, and was an authority in the Shafi'i legal school. Although Ibn Daqiq al-'Id studied Shafi'i jurisprudence under Ibn 'Abd al-Salam , he was also proficient in Maliki fiqh. He served as chief qadi of the Shafi'i school in Egypt . Ibn Daqiq al-'Id taught hadith to al-Dhahabi.
His lifetime, Ibn-Daqiq wrote many books but his commentary on the Nawawi Forty Hadiths has become his most popular. He died in 1302 and was buried next to Ibn 'Ata' Allah al-Iskandari was his prominent teacher.That day the entire Egyptian army prayed over him.

This book is also available from different authors

Imam Abdul Wahid Al-Maqdisi

Shaykh Ibn Saleh Aal Bassam

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