Your Arabic Friend,Based On EDEXCEL GCSE Syllabus
[M#0209 5D4 278pp, MM Books, Arabic Textbook for Learning Arabic, Tables, Exercises, etc.]

Your Arabic Friend,Based On EDEXCEL GCSE Syllabus

Your Arabic Friend
Based On EDEXCEL GCSE Syllabus

A Textbook for GCSE
Paperback  278 pages
Language: Arabic-English
ISBN : 9781908871152
Publisher : M M Books
About The Book
Based on the requirements of Edexcel syllabus, it provides candidates with sound knowledge of the Arabic language while preparing them for the G.C.S.E. examinations.
• Covering the areas of activities of the GCSE Edexcel Arabic syllabus.
• Usage of all the words of the Minimum Core Vocabulary list and much more.
• Extensive translation within the text of Arabic words to English.
• All types of teaching methods: descriptive texts, dialogues, tables, lists, short stories and plenty of pictures.
• Exercises and revision exercises throughout and examination-style tests with answers, for the four areas of assessment: reading, listening, conversation and writing.
• Appendices containing examination rubrics, completely translated, common mistakes and innovative and practical application of word derivation in Arabic.
The Introduction and the word derivation are all written in English to ensure immediate and comprehensive understanding by the students.


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