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al-Wajiz fil Fiqh al-Islami By Dr. Wahbah Al Zuhayli: Arabic
[B#2246 6I3 HB 1722pp 3 vol Dar Al-fikr, comprehensive Fiqh coverage including major madhhab, Schools]

Al Wajiz Fi Al Fiqh Al Islami : Arabic Only 
By Dr. Wahbah Al Zuhayli
Hardback 1722 Pages
3 Volumes Set
Publisher : Dar Al-fikr, Damascus, Syria.

About The Book

Provides comprehensive Fiqh coverage including the views of all major schools of Thought (madhhab).

About The Author

Dr. Professor Shaykh Wahbah Al-Zuhayli (1932) born in  Syria and Qualified from Azhar and various other Universities in  Egypt and Syria is a prominent Sunni professor and Islamic scholar specializing in Islamic law and legal philosophy.

Dr Zuhayli has defended traditional orthodox Sunni Islam - regarding the Ashari and Maturidi schools of belief to be orthodox and defending the option of lay Muslims to follow a madhhab or school of Islamic jurisprudence in their everyday lives. His works on Islamic legal theory establish that traditional Sunni Islamic orthodoxy is defined by that which complies to one of the four valid Sunni madhhab, however he has also stated that following one of the four madhhab is not obligatory.

He is the author of many  of books on Islamic and secular law, many of which have been translated to English. He is chairman of Islamic jurisprudence in the College of Sharia at Damascus University. He is also a signatory to the Amman Message and A Common Word document.

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