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Al-Muhalla li Ibn Hazm Al-andalusi, Tahqiq Ahmad Mohammad Shakir
[B#2385 6B5 Arabic 12 Volumes, Dar al Kotob al-Ilmiyah . Muhalli Muhali]

Al-Mohali: Li Ibn Hazm Al-andalusi
By Abi Mohammad Ali Ibn Ahmad Ibn Saeed Ibn Hazm
Tahqiq By: Ahmad Mohammad Shakir
HB, 3493pp, 11 volumes in 8 Books
Publisher : Dar al Kotob al-Ilmiyah, Beirut, Lebanon

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About The Book

Al-Mohali is an Islamic Encyclopaedia in Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), its mostly similar to what we call it today "Comparative Jurisprudence". In Al-Mohali, Ibn hazm introduces the scholars opinions towards different issues (mainly the scholars of his time), and also introduces the opinions of the main four Islamic Madhabs and also some other Madhabs which are less known and less famous.

The reader of this book will go through a comparison between the opinions of Al-imam Al Shafii, Imam Malik, Imam Abi Hanifa and Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, where he/she will feel the heat of the debates which took place in that time between the different scholars. The importance of this Book is not limited to the above but it exceeds that as the author includes an Encyclopaedia that� covers the biographies of the most famous people of his time.

موسوعة فقهية أشبه في عصرنا هذا بما نسميه بالفقه المقارن , فهو يستعرض آراء فقهاء عصره أو سالفيه , أو آراء مدارس الفقه الأربعة المشهورين مع المذاهب الأقل شهرة وأندر معرفة , فقارن بين آراء الشافعي ومالك وأبي حنيفة وأحمد بن حنبل حتى أنتج لنا المحلى معارك فقهية إذا استرسلت فيها ووقفت مراقباً لها فكأنك تعيش جوها وتنخرط في حوارها وتلفحك حرارة مناظرتها وحدة الفاظها .
ولم تقف أهمية المحلى عند هذا القدر بل تخطته إلى ماهو أعظم , إذ احتوى الكتاب على موسوعة لأسماء الرجال والأعلام .
ومع هذا ايضاً ترى المحلى كتاباً للحديث لو استخلصت منه مادة الحديث لكان كتاباً من كتب سنن الحديث ذات الإسناد الكامل .
وقد أحتوى الكتاب على علل الأحاديث والرجال حتى بات بحق كتاباً للعلل يضاهي في قيمته كتب العلل الأخرى ...

About Ibn Hazm al-Andalusi:

Ali ibn Ahmad ibn Sa`id ibn Hazm, Abu Muhammad al-Farisi al-Andalusi al-Qurtubi al-Yazidi (d. 465), praised by al-Dhahabi as 'the peerless imam, the Ocean of sciences and disciplines, the jurist, hadith master, scholar of kalam, man of letters, Zahiri minister, and prolific author.' He was born into a princely family of Cordova where his education first centered on Arabic poetry, philosophy, and kalam.

Ibn Hazm is well known for following the Zahiriyya (literalist) school devised originally by Dawud ibn al Isfahani (d.270 AH) and became it's founding father in it's developed form .
He was opposed by many scholars of his time in Cordoba and Valencia. Some of his books were publicly burned as a mark of punishment by the command of al-Mu'tamid ibn Abbas in Seville.
During the brief period he spend in Almeira he engaged in active debates with Jews and Christians, and was very much involved in the study of other religion.
However even his enemies and critics acknowledged that his learning was vast and deep.

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