Qawa'id Ibn Al-Mulaqqin, 2 vol. Arabic (Aw Al-Ashbah..
[B#3265,6C1..wal Nadhair Fi Qawaidil Fiqh, 1110pp, HB, Dar Ibn Qayyim/Ibn Affan. Imam Umar Ibn 'Aliy]

Qawa\'id Ibn Al-Mulaqqin, 2 vol. Arabic (Aw Al-Ashbah..

Qawa'id Ibn Al-Mulaqqin Aw Al-Ashbah Wal Nadhair Fi Qawaidil Fiqh; 2 Volume
Author: Al-Imam 'Umar Ibn 'Aliy Ibn Ahmed Ibn Muhammad, Al-Andalusi, Al-Masri, Ash-Shafi'iy
Tahqiq: Mustafa Muhamud Al-Azhariy

Hardback ~1110 (550 pages average per volume)
Dar Ibn Qayyim & Dar Ibn 'Affan,

About The Book:
Legal maxims are theoretical abstractions, usually in the form of short epithetical statements, that are expressive, often in a few words, of the goals and objectives of the Shari‘ah. This is so much so that many ‘ulama (scholars) have treated them as a branch of the maqasid (goals and objectives) literature. The legal maxims of fiqh are statements of principles that are derived from the detailed reading of the rules of fiqh on various themes.

Al-Imam Ibn Al-Mulaqqin has collected all these legal maxims and explained them in detailed according to the understanding of those who came before him. It is a good book with an author who has an firm understanding of this science.

Highly recommendable Book. Yellow pages, quality print

About The Author:
'Umar Ibn 'Aliy Ibn Ahmed Ibn Muhammad Ibn 'Abdullahi Al-Andalusi, Al-Masri, Ash-Shafi'iy was born in 723H. He was known for his knowledge and piety. He studied under varius imams of his time such as Al-Isnawiy and Shaykhal Islam Taqiy Deen As-Subki. He passed away in 803 after having written over 73 works which have been in use for the last 600 years.

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