Makanatul Imam Abi Hanifa Fil Hadith: Arabic, Shaykh Muhammad..
[B#3289 6I2, PB, 212pp, Status of Abu Hanifa In Hadith, Maktaba Al Matbu'atil Islamiyah]

Makanatul Imam Abi Hanifa Fil Hadith: Arabic, Shaykh Muhammad..

Makanatul Imam Abi Hanifa Fil Hadith
Authored By: Al-Shaykh, Al-Muhadith Muhammad 'Abdulrashed Al-Nu'mani
Tahqiq By: Shaykh 'Abdul Fattah Abu Ghudda

Paperback 212 Pages
Published by Maktabatul Matbu'atil Islamiyah

About the Book:
A critical analysis on the place of Imam Abu Hanifa in Hadith. It contains majority of Hadith scholars opinions regarding th status of Imam Abu hanifa in hadith. It also contains his methodology of critically analysing hadiths. Well written book by tha late scholar, hadith expert and faqih Muhammad 'Abdulrashed Al-Nu'mani, May Allah have mercy on him.

It has been edited and well referenced by the late Shaykh 'Abdul Fattah Abu Ghudda.

About the Editor:
He was born in Banda, India, on Tuesday 26 Zul Qada 1264 A.H, author of many famous works and a great scholar of his time. He was a descendant Sayyidina Abu Ayyub Ansari (R.A).
His predecessors emigrated from Madinah Munawwarah to Hirat, then to Lahore, Delhi and finally to Sihala and Firangi Mahal near Lucknow. Pious and noble scholars always inhabited this locality. Maulana Abdul Hayy began memorising the Noble Qur'an at the age of five. He was endowed with an outstanding memory from childhood to the extent that in his own words, he remembers the time when he was beaten at the age of three.

His students were completely satisfied with his methodology. Maulana Ni�matullah, his teacher, used to extol his praises generously. Due to intense love for writing, he wrote more than a hundred books on many subjects like Arabic grammar, morphology, logic, Jurisprudence and Hadith etc. He was offered the post of Justice after his father�s demise but refused, considering the dangers of the occupation and being content with the little possessions he had. He felt that had he accepted the offer, it would have impeded his teaching and writing career. One of the great bounties of Allah Ta�ala upon him was his excellence and compatibility with the science of Hadith and Jurisprudence of Hadith. He always chose a moderate, accepting the view of the Jurists as long as there was adequate proof from Quran and Hadith.

He passed away in Rabi ul Awwal 1304 A.H. at the young age of 39 and was buried in the graveyard of his ancestors. {READ MORE HERE}

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