Indian Delights | Cookery / Cooking Book Zuleikha Mayat
[#949,2k1 HB 397pp Women's Cultural Group South Africa Cooking]

By Zuleikha Mayat
Hardback 397 Pages
Publisher: Women's Cultural Group (South Africa)
Size: 26 x 21.6 cm
The ever-popular Indian cookery book, now in its thirteenth impression (2007).
About The Book 
Contents include rice dishes and curries, vegetable, fish, roti, naan and breads, convalescent and remedial foods, desserts and much more.
Includes a glossary, index and full colour illustrations.
A Must Have For Food Lovers.
From The Publisher
It is gratifying to note that hundreds of copies are sold annually to Non-Indians, both in South Africa and over-seas; and also that leading South African papers and magazines consider Indian Delights to be the standard work for Indian cookery. It is also a matter of rejoicing that we have been able to retain public trust in us after 36 years in the cookery field. In all humility we submit that our talent for recording the collective know-how of our people has only been possible because of the Community's response in passing over to us their cherished recipes.
In acknowledging our debt and gratitude to the Indian Community for their co-operation, may all those who have contributed recipes over the years take pride in the fact, that Indian Delights retains its unique character because of their willingness to share. May they also rejoice in the knowledge that each year the profits from Indian Delights pays for the tuition fees for over 35 university and technikon students of all ethnic groups. 

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