Baba Ali's Kalimaat The Wacky Word Game Box. Family Fun
[1u. 250 Kalimaat cards Tokens 2 timers. Test Short & Long term memory. Gift Idea]

Baba Ali\'s  Kalimaat The Wacky Word Game Box. Family Fun

Baba Ali's
The Wacky Word Game
Ages 8 to Adults

The revolutionary word game where short and long term memory join forces to lead you to the winner’s circle!

250 Kalimaat cards (10 Words/card including one Islamic and one Cultural Word)
10 Tokens
1 x 30 second timer
1 x 60 Second Timer
Scoring Pad

This new party favorite puts two teams up against one another. Its a two-fold battle of both common knowledge and memory. Are you able to guess which “famous Persian food is cooked on skewers” and keep that as well as the answers to nine other clues in your head until it’s time to recall them?

Guessing and keeping mental track of answers is a challenge. If you are a master of memorization, you’re fortunate. If you’re the type who needs the waiter to repeat the list of salad dressings to you just one more time-sharpen your memory skills by taking part in this fast-paced and challenging game!

Kalimaat is played by two teams of two players. From round to round, players take turns being the Clue Giver for their team. Each card has ten Kalimaat (words), including one Islamic and one cultural word. The Clue Giver will give clues to try to get their team-mates to guess the words on the Kalimaat card.

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