Arabic Alphabet Magnets, 3+ Can be used on the Fridge door
[#3399 1M3, 28 multicoloured Emaan Productions, fun learning with this colourful, interactive design]

Arabic Alphabet Magnets, 3+ Can be used on the Fridge door

Arabic Alphabet Magnets
28 Magnet Pieces
3+ Can be used on the Fridge door 
Ages : 3-7
Manufacturer : Emaan Productions UK

About The Product 

Children will have fun learning with this colourful, interactive designed to make basic spelling skills easy. Includes twenty eight multicoloured magnetic letters in isolated positions so children can practice beginning to spell words. comes in a small container allowing children to take it anywhere!

suitable for your white board or fridge, makes an excellent additional teaching aid (colour of packaging may vary).

CE Approved
Not suitable for children under 3 Years as it contains small pieces

Weight: 150

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