Letter and Number Fun, Arabic-English: Muslim Educational Trust
[Yasmeen Sarwar & Dr. Faruq Nurul Arefin, 1j1, 56pp, Illustrations, {Alphabets&Numerals} MET UK,]

Letter and Number Fun, Arabic-English: Muslim Educational Trust

Letter and Number Fun
By    Yasmeen Sarwar & Dr. Faruq Nurul Arefin
Edition:     1st Edition, 2005
Pages:     56
ISBN:       0 907261 44 2
Published By The Muslim Educational Trust, London UK

This book is intended for children aged two to five. It introduces the Alphabets, the first few numerals in both English and Arabic, as well as some common words with an Islamic overtone, for each English and Arabic letter . It has 56 pages with illustrations. This book is the first in a 'Reading series' for Muslim children.

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