Stories Good and True, Translated By Matina W. Muhammad
[978-1897940181 #0147 1J1 PB 24pp Ta-Ha, Colour Illustrations, Real Stories, Children, 7 & Above]

Stories Good and True, Translated By Matina W. Muhammad

Stories Good and True 
Translated By Matina W. Muhammad
Paperback 24 Pages
Colour Illustrations
ISBN : 9781897940181
Publisher : Ta-Ha Publishers 

About The Book

This is the third book of the True Stories Series, a collection of eight uplifting true stories for children, illustrating the basic Islamic principles of integrity, justice and faith. 

Illustrated in colour and recommended for ages 7 and over.


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Ali ibn al-Husayn ibn Wafid said
"Allah put all medicine into half an ayah when he said:
Eat and drink, but not excessively" (TM Qur'an: 7:31)
Ref: Imam Suyuti'sThe Medicine of the Prophet