Isaac, Jacob and Joseph: Prophets of Allah (Safeer)
[3b5,PB, 15pp, 6-12 , {Slight Faded Cover}, Imaginative Colour Illustrations (No facials) by Dr Yehya]

Isaac, Jacob and Joseph: Prophets of Allah (Safeer)

The Prophet of Allah:
Isaac, Jacob and Joseph (Peace be Upon Them)
Prepared By Salama Muhammad Salama
English Translation by: Rasha Ibrahim
Illustrated by Dr Yehya Abdu, Maged Kamal, Yaser Hamdy
Paperback 15 Pages
Published by Safeer, Cairo Egypt
Recommended for Ages 6-12

The Prophets of Allah are the greatest men that ever lived. They are the role models for humanity. Their hearts were the purest, their minds were the wisest, and their deeds were the most righteous.

Their Stories are fact from the Qur'an and Sunnah and are great lessons for chldren

where can we learn about the Prophets of Allah? The truth about them is learned through the Quran and Hadith Beautiful and Imaginative Colour Illustrations avoiding all forms of Living Images in accordance with Islamic tradition.
Story Followed By Questions at end.

Slightly Faded Cover & Pages

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