My Du'a Book - Kutub khana Ishayat-ul-Islam
[2f6, PB 36 pp, colour full booklet, supplication, 15 beautiful du'as, translteration, Children]

My Du\'a Book - Kutub khana Ishayat-ul-Islam
My Du'a Book
Paperback 36 Pages
ISBN 10 : 8179470946
ISBN 13 : 9788179470947
Size : 22 X 14 cm
Publisher : Kutub Khana Ishayat-ul-Islam , New Delhi (2008)

About The Book
Selected supplications (Du'a) for every child according to the Quran and the Sunnah. This small colour full booklet includes many du'as from Bismillah to dua for entering the graveyard. It includes 15 beautiful du'as with mentioning of the occasion, Arabic wording, transliteration, and English translation.

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Like  all  on Imam Ghazali's  works, this book is simple and easy to understand.

It aims at the spiritual reformation of the individual. Unless a man reforms his inner self, he cannot discharge the rights of Allah and of fellow men. Only after reformation can one discharge the various Islamic obligations like prayer, fasting etc. 
Imam Ghazali has attempted to correct the shortfalls in an individual's meeting the rights of Allah and fellow men. Huququl Allah and Huququl Ibad