Islam: Faith and Practice: Manazir Ahsan & Mustafa Mcdermot
[1e2,Introduction to Islamic beliefs & Duties ,PB, 48pp, Islamic Foundatioon UK]

Islam: Faith and Practice: Manazir Ahsan & Mustafa Mcdermot
Islam: Faith and Practice
Manazir Ahsan
48 plus 4-colour map.

A succinct account of the essentials of Islam as a faith and culture. Suitable for Key Stages 3 and above.

"Like many of  the other literature from the Islamic Foundation, this booklet is clear and concise providing an excellent introduction to Islamic belief, religious duty, religious festivals, marriage and family life, ethics and etiquette, dress, diet, death and burial, and Islam in the modern world." Resource, University of Warwick, Institute of Education .

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