Imran Learns about Ramadan By Sajda Nazlee [Taha, London] Revise
[1j1, 16pp, PB, Colour Illustrations, {Part in a Series of Teaching Stories with Questions, Help Chi]

Imran Learns about Ramadan By Sajda Nazlee [Taha, London] Revise

Imran Learns about Ramadan (Third Revised edition)
By  Sajda Nazlee
24 pages Paperback
Ta-Ha Publishers , London UK
Recommended for Ages 7+

Part of  a series of beautiful short stories for young readers about the basic teachings of Islam, with a list of questions at the end of each book to consolidate learning
In this third story of the Imran Learns series, Imran has his first experience of fasting in Ramadan. He learns the meaning and importance of this sacred month in which the Qur’an was revealed and discovers its gifts and benefits.

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Ibn Al-Jawzi is reported to have said: 'Whoever does not read the stories of the Salaf (righteous people of the past) and the path that they tread, he can never tread that path. It is befitting for a person to know and understand that the nature of an individual (character) is like that of a thief. If a person only lives with the people of his time, his nature will steal from them and will become similar to their nature. But if he reads the lives of the Salaf, his nature will become like theirs and he will learn from their character'.       Talbis Iblee