Imran Learns about Allah By Sajda Nazlee [TAHA]
[1j1, PB, 24pp, Illustrated in full colour, Part of a series of teaching stories with questions,]

Imran Learns about Allah By Sajda Nazlee [TAHA]
Imran Learns about AllahSajda Nazlee
24 pages Paperback A5 ISBN 1 842000 63 2

New Revised Edition

The first in a series of beautiful short stories for young readers about the basic teachings of Islam, with a list of questions at the end of each book to consolidate learning. In this first story, Imran learns about Allah and His attributes. Illustrated in full colour.

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The traditions are ultimately classified into four major categories:
(a) Sahh (sound) (b) Hasan (good) (c) Daf (weak) (d) Maud (fabricated)
Only the first two kinds are held to be reliable. Precepts of the Shariah can be based on and inferred from only these two kinds. Hence, only the ahdth of these two categories are held to be the source of Islamic law. The other two kinds have little or no value especially in legal or doctrinal matters. < Read More >
Ref: The Authority of Sunnah By Mufti  Muhammad Taqi Usmani