Moral Healer’s Handbook: the Psychology of Spiritual Chivalry
[1c1,PB, 284PP, Laleh Bakhtiar, KAZI USA, V2- Institute of Traditional Psychoetics and Guida]

Moral Healer’s Handbook: the Psychology of Spiritual Chivalry
By: Laleh Bakhtiar
Paperback 284pp,
Volume 2 - The Institute of Traditional Psychoetics and Guidance, Chicago
Kazi Publications USA

This is a self-help book on how to morally center or balance the self. Based on the diagram of the circle divided into nine equal parts which the Naqshbandi refer to as “the Presence of God” (wajh Allah)—better known in the West as the Enneagram, the work contains the Moral Healer’s dictionary of over 300 entries of virtues and vices or positive and negative moral traits with directions of how to move the self on the circle (i. e. in the Presence of God) from the negative or vices to the positive or virtues. The author shows how the traditional paradigm helps the self stay balanced, centered with the positive. Learn first hand of how to rid the self of negative traits like envy, jealousy, anger, cowardice, etc. and gain positive ones like compassion, forgiveness, resourcefulness and justice. While this volume stresses the elimination of negative traits (vices), the next volume emphasizes the assuming of positive traits (virtues).

About Laleh Bakhtiar

A well-known author on Sufism, is the first person to unearth traditional psychology which had been buried in medieval philosophy. With this work she shows that traditional psychology is alive and vibrant and should be an alternative psychology to modern schools as the stress is upon morality and ethics.She is a nationally certified and licensed psychotherapist.

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