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Ikhmaalush Shiyam: Perfections of Morals, Ibn Ataullah Iskandari
[I#1713 i@2F5 PB 352pp Majlisul Ulama of South Africa, Sharah of Itmamin Ni'am,treatise Lovers of Al]

Ikhmaalush Shiyam : Perfections of Morals
By Shaykh Ibn Ataullah Iskandari
Paperback  352 Pages
Commentary By Muhammad Abdullah Gangohi 
Translator : Mujlisul Ulema of South Africa
Preface by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi
Published in India / South Africa

Ikhmalush Shiyam is the Sharah (Commentary and explanation) of Itmamin Ni'am which is the Urdu translation of Shaykh Ibn Ataullah Iskandari's Tabweebul Hikam

About The Book

Ikhmalush Shiyam (Perfection of Morals) is a treatise for the Muhibbeen (Lovers of Allah). Although every Mu’min is a Lover of Allah. this treatise is largely directed to the attention of the Muhibbeen who are conscious of Divine Love. Nevertheless, it will benefit even the unconscious lovers by inducing in them some consciousness of the love lying dormant in their hearts which have been created for being the Abodes of Divine Love.

Since Ikhmâlush Shiyarn is a treatise for Muhibbeen, it speaks the language of love — Divine Love. Thus, the book abounds with paradoxes and seemingly contradictory calls and cries sounded for the guidance of those who understand the language of Allah’s Love.

The advices and prescriptions herein are balm for the Souls searching the Path of Love. leading to their Beloved, Allah Azza Wa Jal.

This book is not for the rational probing of a sceptic mind stunted by crass materialism. While such a mind denuded of Divine Illumination will be incapable of absorbing the treasures of Ikhrnâlush Shiyam the heart basking in the warmth of Divine Love will readily comprehend and relish the wealth of guidance so necessary for the perfection of morals — a perfection without which the Muhib (Lover) can never aspire to reach his Beloved.

(PREFACE) Majlisul Ulama of South Africa.

About The Author

Taj ad-Din Abu’l-Fadl Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Abd al-Karim b. Ata’ Allah al-Iskandari, al-Judhami ash-Shadhili, known simply as Ibn ‘Ata’ Allah (d. 709), one of the great sufi imams, also known as a muhaddith, preacher, and Maliki jurist. He was Abu al-`Abbas al-Mursi's (d. 686) student and the second successor of Imam Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili, and he was the first to spread the Shadhili teachings in writing. 

He was born in Alexandria, Egypt, as his nisbah indicates, about the middle of the seventh/thirteenth century. His family were renowned Maliki scholars from the Banu Judham tribe, originally from Arabia. His grandfather, Abd al-Karim (d. 612 AH/1216 AD) had distinguished himself as an expert in fiqh, usul (principles of jurisprudence), and Arabic, having studied under the famous Abu’l-Hasan al-Abyari. 

He had written several books, among which were al-Bayin wa’t-Taqrib fi Sharh at-Tahdhib, Mukhtasar at-Tahdhib, and Mukhtasar al-Mufassal, and had been very hostile to Suflism.

He Authored many books including many of which are have been translated in English Including the following :-


'Say: 'Bad and good are not equal, even though the abundance of the bad may dazzle you; so be conscious of Allah , O people of understanding, that you may prosper.'
TM Quran, 5:100


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