Muhazirat-E-Maishat Wa Tijarat By Dr M Ahmed Ghazi: Urdu
[I#1254 5B2 HB 460pp Areeb Publications, Speeches, Principal of Economic & Finance, Interest, Islamic]

Muhazirat-E-Maishat Wa Tijarat (Urdu Only)
By Dr Mahmood Ahmed Ghazi
Hardback 460 Pages
Publisher : Areeb Publications, New Delhi

About The Book

These are Speeches (in the Shape of collection) delivered by Dr Mahmood Ghazi at different places in Doha in 2009.

Dr Ghazi Has spoken plainly about today's burning issue "Islamic Banking System" regarding to:

  • Principal of Economic & Finance (in the light of Qur'an & Sunnah)
  • Islamic Banking System
  • Financial and Economical Issue In Modern Age.
  • Role of the state (financially & traditionally)
  • Orders of money & Milkiyat (possession) in Islam
  • Significance of Finance & its Orders
  • Inviolability Of Interest and Its wisdom
  • Islamic Substitutes of interest
  • Suspicion raising from interest & its Proclamation
  • Islamic Banking (Past, present & Future)
  • Islamic Finance
  • Islamic Economics in Future

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