Perfection Of Faith and Its Commentary,. Mohaddith Dehlvi
[#1450,3F1,Perfection of Faith,(Dehlwi)PB,163pp,Tr. Yusuf Talal Ali, Adam Publishers]

Perfection Of Faith and Its Commentary,.  Mohaddith Dehlvi

Perfection Of Faith and Its Commentary Fortification of Conviction
Shaykh A H Mohaddith dehlvi,
Translated by Yusuf Talal Ali (Islamic Research Institute, International Islamic University)
Paperback, 163 Pages
Adam Publishers, Delhi, India

Everything has its own fixed reality, The world is an originated phenomenon, And is subject of destruction, It has a Maker, Whose existence was never preceded by non-existence, Living, Knowing, Powerful, Willing, His attributes are eternal and everlasting, Temporal events do not take place in his person.

Written by one the most respected Scholar of the Moghal Era, this book is a concise and lucid presentation of the major articles of faith; one hundred and One Articles of faith according to the Sunni orthodox.
The Book was written in the Moghal Era when the Emperor Akbar was trying to introduce the 'Din-e-Elahi' concept of mixing Islam with Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism.

About the Author
Shaykh Abdul Haqq Mohaddith dehlvi born in 958 AH and died in 1052 AH, an accomplished and well respected Scholar of Islam during the Moghal Period in India whose works number over forty.

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