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From Utah To Eternity: A Mormon-Muslim Journey, Sarah L Baker
[#1827 0B1 PB 488pp Sakina Books, Fiction based on facts, From Mormon to Islam]

From Utah To Eternity: A Mormon-Muslim Journey, Sarah L Baker

From Utah to Eternity
A Mormon-Muslim Journey

By Sarah Louise Baker
Paperback 488 Pages
ISBN : 9780953805655
Publisher : Sakina Books, Oxford UK

About The Book

Jake, a down-home Utah boy, is striving to convert Japan to the Mormon religion. But his certainties are turned upside-down when he meets an Indonesian student in a fast-food restaurant, triggering a journey of discovery that leads him to reject his Mormon upbringing, and to affirm the One God of the Qur'an.

Humorous, colourful, and full of psychological insight, this novel provides a panorama of the extraordinary missionary universe, and movingly depicts a modern American pilgrimage of the soul.

An intriguing struggle and journey of young Mormon named Jake. Brought up in a strict Mormon family and community Jake embarks out on a journey to spread the word of Joseph Smith and the teachings he propagated. A trip to Japan for Jake was meant to be the 'icing on the cake' in the transition of a young Mormon to a so called qualified and graduated Mormon ready to move on in his way of life as a Mormon. Soon enough Jake discovers the programmed regime and way of life he has to live by, under the auspice of an emigrated Mormon in Japan.

Time passes by and he notices how his current faith and belief targets only certain individuals which in turn makes him think why? Questions arise in his mind as to the authenticity and contradictions within his faith. Soon to meet a Muslim friend named Suleyman he starts to question his inherited thought (faith) that he has assiduously abided by throughout his life. Questions and thirst for divine inspiration, consistency and morals being a priority, he sets out to learn more about the misconceived faith of Islam. However as time moves on he discovers the harsh realities of stereotypical images perceived of Islam, which he tries to clarify, to whomsoever he meets especially his family and friends. An interesting fictional analysis, maybe bearing a true resemblance of a person changing faith and what he endures and thinks throughout this time.

Although it takes around 350 pages just to get to the issue of him thinking and asking questions of his faith, the build up is significant in understanding what leads to a person asking questions on his status in life as a human being. 

About The Authoress

Sarah Louise Baker is a Muslim British novelist who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. She embraced Islam while working in Japan in 1990. 

Her novel, From Utah to Eternity, on Islamic conversion, was based partly on personal experience. She just finished a book about everyday experiences of wearing the hijab (the Islamic headscarf).


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