Insurance and Islamic Law | By Dr M Muslehuddin
[i#1872 3G2,PB 152pp, Adam Publishers, Assessment of Modern Contract of Insurance]

Insurance and Islamic Law | By Dr M Muslehuddin
Insurance and Islamic Law 
By Dr M Muslehuddin
Paperback 152 Pages
Publisher : Adam Publishers & Distributors, India 
About The Book
The author has made a careful and objective study of Insurance and Islamic Law. The results of this study and research were presented in the form of a thesis for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in the faculty of Laws, University of London.

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The traditions are ultimately classified into four major categories:
(a) Sahh (sound) (b) Hasan (good) (c) Daf (weak) (d) Maud (fabricated)
Only the first two kinds are held to be reliable. Precepts of the Shariah can be based on and inferred from only these two kinds. Hence, only the ahdth of these two categories are held to be the source of Islamic law. The other two kinds have little or no value especially in legal or doctrinal matters. < Read More >
Ref: The Authority of Sunnah By Mufti  Muhammad Taqi Usmani