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Guidance to The Uncertain in Reply to the Jews and the Nazarenes
[B#1888 4F1 HB 350PP,Ibn qayyim al-Jawziah,Dar Al-Kotob Al-Ilmiyah, Tr: Abdelhay El-Masri , 2007,]

Guidance to The Uncertain in Reply to the Jews and the Nazarenes

Guidance to the Uncertain in Reply to the Jews and the Nazarenes
By Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziah
Hardback 350 Pages
Translated By Abdelhay El-Masri (New Corrected Edition)
Dar Al--Kotob Al-Ilmiyah, Beirut Lebanon

In his book Islam and the west Norman Daniel wrote: People seem to take it for granted that alien society is dangerous, if not hostile, and the spasmodic outbreaks of warfare between Islam and Christendom throughout history has been one manifestation of this. Apparently, under the pressure of their own sense of danger, Whether real or not, beliefs take shape in men’s minds. By misapprehension and misrepresentation, a notion of ideas and beliefs of one society can pass into the accepted myth of another society in a form so distorted that its relation to the original facts is sometimes barely discernible. Doctrines that are the expression of the
spiritual outlook of an enemy are interpreted ungenerously and with prejudice and even the facts are modified to suit the interpretation.
This process began among the Greeks whom the Arab armies conquered when they occupied Syria... St John of Dainascus, born fifty years after the Hijrah (precedented) The severe attitude of condemning whatever Muslims believe in. In this Byzantine polemic, the Anatrope, Niceta of Byzantium does not even try to understand the Qur’an before refuting it. It follows that the God of Muhammad is really a devil.
Enemies of Islam, whatever their motives, will always exploit much the same facts, as recently did Salman Rushdies Satanic Verses.

As they (Christians) resented the doctrines of Islam and saw them in the light of their own misconceptions, they inevitably deformed them. Anti-Islamic polemic inhibited any possible empathy with Muslims. The main attack on Islam was already determined in the thirteenth century.
Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziah, a contemporary to the outcome of these polemics against Islam, the Age of Decline, did not restrict himself from delivering  tit-for-tat replies, and sometimes he went overboard in some of his descriptions equally demeaning the Christians and the Jews.

About the Author

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya was born into a scholarly and virtuous family in 691 AH/ 1292 A.D. At that time Damascus was a centre of literature and thought. Many schools were located there and he studied and graduated under the protection, direction and sponsorship of his father. He was particularly influenced by his Shaykh and teacher Imam Ibn  Taymiyyah, and also by Ibn ash-Shirazi amongst others.
Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya died in the city of Damascus the year 751 AH/1350 C.E.,when he was scarcely 60 years old, and was buried  at the cemetery of Bab- al-Saghir, near the grave of  his father - Rahimahuma Allah. 


'Never will the jews or the christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion. Say: "The Guidance of Allah,-that is the (only) Guidance." Wert thou to follow their desires after the knowledge which hath reached thee, then wouldst thou find neither Protector nor helper against Allah'
{TM Q 2:120)


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