The Qur'an Translation & Study Juz 5 Word to Word Arabic-English
[#0194 1I1, PB, 78pp, A4,Dr. Jamal Un Nisa Bint Rafai,TAHA, Written to fit in with the curriculum of ]

The Qur\'an Translation & Study Juz 5 Word to Word Arabic-English
The Qur'an Translation & Study Juz 5 Word to Word Arabic-English
Dr. Jamal Un Nisa Bint Rafai
78 pages Paperback A4 ISBN 0907461 86 7

The first of its kind, this exceptional work provides an accurate word by word translation of the Qur'an. Gives all the root words, with explanatory notes and basic Arabic grammar. The work of Dr. Rafai is sanctioned by the prestigious Al-Azhar University. It is the perfect companion for students of Qur'anic studies and for all those who really wish to acquire a good grasp of Qur'anic Arabic.

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'Verily, Allah commands that you should render back the trusts to those, to whom they are due, and that when you judge between men, you judge with justice. Verily, how excellent is the teaching which He gives you! Truly, Allah is Ever All-Hearer, All-Seer.
O you who believe! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger, and those charged with authority among you. If you differ in anything among yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger, if ye do believe in Allah and the Last Day: that is best, and most suitable for final determination.' 

TM Qur'an 4:58-59