The Words of Muhammad by Kaasem Khaleel
[#1974 1B2,PB, 288pp, Knowledge House Publishers {Wisdom to improve your personal, family & business]


The Words of Muhammad
byKaasem Khaleel
Paperback: 288 pages
 Knowledge House Publishers

According to the author, much can be achieved by studying the wisdom of Muhammad (SAW)  including how to improve personal relationships and people skills and how to improve family life and business life

This is the man who George Bernard Shaw said 'could save the world,' who Carlyle said was a 'true prophet and hero'  and who the Jewish historian Hart said is the 'most important man of history.'

Discover how his inspiring words can be applied to your life. This collection will guide you in areas such as charity, character, marriage, and mercy. Include Muhammad’s collection of his words with your daily contemplation.

About The Author
Dr. Khaleel is an MD , a prolific writer and lecturer, and has published over 20 books of various subjects on science and natural medicines, and scholarly works on the Qu'ran and the life of the prophet Muhammad.
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Now, men may be either engrossed [in the world], penitent beginners, or arrived gnostics. The man engrossed does not remember death, or, if he does, it is with regret for his world, and he busies himself with disparaging death. The remembrance of death increases such a one in nothing but distance from God. 

From :Al Ghazali on The Remembrance of Death & the Afterlife From Ihya Ilum Ud Din Translated by Tim Winter