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In the Land of the Ayatollahs Tupac Shakur is King: Reflections
[#2090 1N1 PB 284PP, from Iran and the Arab World By Shahzad Aziz,AMAL PRESS, UK, {Part travelogue, p]

In the Land of the Ayatollahs Tupac Shakur is King: Reflections

In the Land of the Ayatollahs Tupac Shakur is King:
Reflections from Iran and the Arab World
Shahzad Aziz (Author)
Paperback 284 Pages
Published by Amal Press , Bristol UK

Using the cities and cultures as a backdrop , the author (a British Muslim) travels on a personal journey to explore Iran and the Arab world, particularly the relations between East and West. Serious debate is interspersed with witty travel dialogue as he covers a variety of issues facing the Muslim world today-including the war on terror, the Arab-Israeli conflict, martyrdom, Islamic reformation, globalisation, identity, gender representations of women and the Western view of the Muslim world.

Part travelogue, part memoir, In the Land of the Ayatollahs is like no other book about the contemporary Muslim world. Both in style and substance, Aziz may one day be considered the V.S. Naipaul of his generation.'Reza Aslan, author of No god but God: The Origins, Evolution and Future of Islam

About the Author

Shahzad Aziz read law at Brunel University (London) and studied his Masters of Philosophy in criminology at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University. Having attended the Inns of Court School of Law in London, Shahzad qualified as a barrister in 2000.

Since qualifying, Shahzad has specialised in human rights and asylum law. In particular, his legal practice has centred on representing those fleeing torture and persecution by state and non-state agents in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia for reasons of race, religion, political affiliation or membership of a vulnerable social group.

This inspired book is an amusing, insightful, touching, reverent account of journeys through Iran, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. Littered with witticisms, satire and complex analyses of issues in relation to Islam and Muslims, past and present, home and abroad. This chronicle is an important and necessary book that will give many a geat deal to think about. Religion, ethnicity, culture, identity, international relations and Islamic social history are cogently discussed and interpreted.
Tahir Abbas FRSA, Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Culture, University of Birmingham

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