Siraj al-Salik Sharh As-hal al-Masalik: Arabic, Maliki fiqh
[B#2401 6E4 HB 512pp 2v/1Book Dar Al Kotob, Muhammad al-Bashar/'Uthman bin Hasanayn]

سراج السالك شرح أسهل المسالك 

لنظم ترغيب المريد السالك

Siraj al-Salik Sharh As-hal al-Masalik

As-Sayyid Muhammad al-Bashar
Explained By: as-Sayyid 'Uthman bin Hasanayn Barriy al-Ja'aliy al-Maliki
Tahqiq By: 'Abd al-Latif Hassan 'Abd al-Rahman

Hardback 274 PAGE
Published by
Dar al-Kotob al-Ilmiyyah

This is one of the early advanced books of the Maliki madhab used in West Africa before studying later advanced works such as Mukhtasar Khalil. This book covers Aqidah, all chapters of fiqh (worship, marriage, transactions, commerce, judicial law etc.), and Islamic morality (Akhlaq). The matn was written in poem form so as to help the student memorise it easier.

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