To Be a European Muslim By Tariq Ramadan
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To Be a European Muslim 
By Tariq Ramadan
Paperback 273 Pages 
ISBN : 0860373002
Publisher : The Islamic Foundation, Leicester  UK

About The Book

To be a European Muslim addresses some of the fundamental issues born of the several million strong Muslim presence in Europe in our times. Based on a thorough study of Islamic sources, it seeks to answer basic questions about European Musims social, political, cultural and legal integration. The study shows that it is possible to lead life as a practicing Muslim while living together in multi-faith, pluralistic European nation states.

About the Author

Professor Tariq RAMADAN holds MA in Philosophy and French literature and PhD in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the University of Geneva. In Cairo, Egypt he received one-on-one intensive training in classic Islamic scholarship from Al-Azhar University scholars. Dr Tariq Ramadan taught Islamic Studies and Philosophy as a professor at Freiburg University in Switzerland for many years. He held the post of Professor of Islamic Studies in the Classic Department and Luce Professor of Religion Conflict and Peacebuilding at Kroc Institute in 2004 at University of Notre Dame in the United States. He had to resign that post due to visa revocation by the USA administration.

Dr. Ramadan lectures at academic institutions and civic organizations around the world. He is a member of multiple international organizations and steering committees. He has authored and co-authored over 20 books and over 700 articles.

Through his writings and lectures he has contributed substantially to the debate on the issues of Muslims in the West and Islamic revival in the Muslim world. He is active both at the academic and grassroots levels, lecturing extensively throughout the world on ethics of citizenship, social justice, and dialogue between civilizations.

Ramadan, is the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, founder, in 1928, of the Ikhwan-e-Muslimeen "Muslim Brotherhood", an Islamic revival movement that spread from Egypt throughout the Arab world, criticizing Western decadence and advocating a return to Muslim values. Yet Ramadan says, "I'm a European who has grown up here. I don't deny my Muslim roots, but I don't vilify Europe either.


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