Initiating and Upholding an Islamic Marriage By Hedaya Hartford
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Initiating and Upholding an Islamic Marriage By Hedaya Hartford

Initiating and Upholding an Islamic Marriage (New Revised Edition)
By Hedaya Hartford
ISBN: 9789957230630
Author: Hedaya Hartford
Publisher: Dar al-Fath
Pages: 191 Binding: Paperback
Previous ISBN 1575477556

This Little book of Divine recipes, Islamic Marriage, draws from the works of several highly respected Muslim scholars. The book clarifies the Sacred Law on marriage, presents Prophetic teachings on the subject, and gives plain guidance for entering into a marriage, and sustaining it with happiness once inside it.
At a time when successful marriages are definitely on the decline, this book offers healing and encouragement, and hope for the attainment of felicity and success in this life and the next.

"Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience, joined from years of study and counseling, Ustadha Hedaya Hartford not only identifies the causes of many contemporary marital problems, but she also addresses them with penetrating and practical solutions..." Imam Zaid Shakir

1. Introduction
2. Finding a Spouse
3. Rights and Obligations
4. Staying Married
5. Divorce
6. Merits of Spiritual Marriage

About Ustadha Hedaya Hartford

 Ustadha Hedaya Hartford is known for her Sharia expertise on women's issues regarding the fiqh of menstruation, lochia, marriage, divorce, and modern social issues. Born and raised in California, she holds a Bachelors of Arts in Arabic and Islamic History & Culture from the University of California, Berkeley. She converted to Islam in 1981.

In Egypt, Ustadha Hedaya studied for many years with Azhari scholars. She completed the second year of Shariah at al-Azhar; studied Hanafi fiqh with Dr. Abdul Aziz Izzat and Shaykh Fahmi Abdullah; and studied Aqida with Shaykh Abdul Aziz Batishti.

In Damascus, Syria, she studied several books in Usul & Hanafi fiqh including the Risala al-Birgivi (Imam Birgivi’s manual on menstruation) with Shaykh Hassan al-Hindi; Hanafi fiqh, hadith and hadith sciences with Shaykh Adnan Darwish; Hanafi fiqh including Risala al-Birgivi with Shaykh Abdul Rahman Arjan; and menstruation and related issues according to the Shafi'i madhab with Shaykh Hussein Darwish, Anisa Hanan Da'doosh and Dr. Mustafa Khin. In Amman, Jordan, she studies Hanafi fiqh with Shaykh Ahmad al-Jammal and tafsir with Shaykh Ali Hani.

A teacher and translator, Ustadha Hedaya currently lives with her husband Shaykh Ashraf Muneeb in Amman, Jordan. She has written Islamic Marriage; Your Islamic Marriage Contract; a critical edition and commentary of Risala al-Birgivi in Arabic; and Birgivi’s Manual Interpreted: Complete Fiqh of Menstruation & Related Issues in English. Her major areas of interest are fiqh concerning women issues, marriage and divorce; inheritance law; and personal counseling.


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