Splitting The Moon A Collection Of Islamic Poetry By J. Hayward
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Splitting The Moon A Collection Of Islamic Poetry By J. Hayward
Splitting The Moon A Collection Of Islamic Poetry
By Joel Hayward
Paperback 124 Pages
ISBN-13: 9781847740342
Publisher: Kube Publishing Ltd

About The Book
Splitting the Moon tracks Joel Hayward's conversion to Islam from Christianity, his journey of faith, his experiences and observations as a British Muslim, and thoughts on the state of Muslims today. He writes his poetry daily to capture events in the way that some people keep a diary. The poems are therefore deeply personal and self-reflective.

About The Author
Dr Joel Hayward's career highlights include being Dean of the Royal Air Force College and head of a King's College London academic division. He is the author or editor of many works of non-fiction. He is also active in the literary arts, and writes regular columns in emel and other Islamic magazines and has published fiction and poetry. His first poetry collection, Lifeblood, appeared in 2003.

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