Abaqat of Shah Muhammad Isma'Il Shahid
[I#4223 3D1 Waliyullah's Sataat and Lamahat, HB 339pp kitab Bhavan, English transslation Prof GN Jalb]

Abaqat of Shah Muhammad Isma\'Il Shahid
Abaqat of Shah Muhammad Isma'Il Shahid
Being an Exposition of Shah Waliyullah's Sataat and Lamahat
Hardback 339 Pages
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
English Translation By Professor G N Jalbani

About Abaqat
Abaqat (Diffusion of perfume) is the nearest source towards the understanding of the philosophy of Shah Waliyullah of Dehli. The Author has attempted successfully at explainig some of the mystical and philosophical points which had been summarily mentioned by shah sahib whom he rightly considers as "best of investigator (Afdal-Ul-Muhaqqiqin)". He was Deeply impressed by his two famous treatises 'Lamahat' and 'sata'at which cover two third of his field of philosophy. In Consequence he prepared his 'Abaqat which more or less is an elucidation of their substance. On the Strength of these two works in particular, he was preference to him over shaik Akbar Ibn -ul-'Arabi and Imam Rabbani.'

Though shah shahid was not a mystic but at times, the mystical revelations were made to him. His discussion on the esoteric science in his book are an indication to the vast knowledge he possessed about mysticism, philosophy and the traditional literature. He has written this book in the form of a text with an intention to follow it with a commentary but he sis not live to do so. This is the reason why it is difficult to understand certain points without elaboration. The translator had before him to urdu translation of the 'Abaqat, the printed by Manazir Ahsan Gilani and the other in the shape of a manuscript once dictated by the late Maulana 'Ubaid-ullah sindhi in Mecca when he was in exile.

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