AL-Qur'an Arabic With English Meanings: Saheeh Int'l HB Large
[B#4286 1P2 HB 943pp daily Quran Arabic Text With Corresponding Translation Abul Qasim Umm Muham]

The Qur'an 
Arabic Text With Corresponding English Meanings 

Large (b/w A4-A5)
Translator : Aminah Assami 
Revised and Edited by Mary M. Kennedy 
Revised and Edited by Saheeh International, (Umm Muhammad)
Includes A Detailed Subject Index 
Publisher : Abul-Qasim Publishing House, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 

Arabic - English 

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About The Book

One of the Best available Translations Currently Available.

This is a simpler, clearer and easier to read translation than many of the popular ones which proceeded it.  

Saheeh International reviewed each verse in Arabic with reference to several works of Arabic tafseer and grammar, choosing contemporary wording and carefully placing them in order similar to that of the original Arabic whenever possible.

'Without going into excessive detail, a word is due here about the methodology of this abbreviated edition. Three main objectives have served as guidelines:

  • To present correct meanings, as far as possible, in accordance with ' aqeedah ahl as-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah.
  • To simplify and clarify the language for the benefit of all readers.
  • To let the Qur'an speak for itself, adding footnotes only where deemed necessary for explanation of points not readily understood or when more than one meaning is acceptable.'[Taken from Editor's Preface]

This acclaimed translation of the meanings of the Holy Qur'an has set new standards of readability and accuracy, for the benefit of everyone needing a resource of the Qur'an in English. It is now available in paperback form for ease in carrying and distribution. 

Readers will appreciate the clear, modern English, the smooth flow of sentences, and the concise footnotes which give necessary information but allow uninterrupted reading of the main text. 

The scholars and translators of Saheeh International have paid careful attention to authentic sources of hadeeth and tafsir and have made comparisons with previous classic English translations. The result is a highly accessible and reliable work that can be used by anyone wanting to study the authentic meanings of the Holy Qur'an

Very Clearly Laid Out
Reader Friendly
An Excellent Index

Parenthetical remarks found in other Saudi Translations are largely removed, the translation is attractive and useable. The proper use of square brackets […] to indicate an addition by the translator is attractive.

'No person can afford to be ignorant of the Qur'an, for it is the constitution revealed by God (Allah) to regulate and govern human life. It speaks with perfect knowledge of the Creator about his creation. It exposes the truth. It contains important information about human destiny and that of the individual. It educates and raises men to the highest moral, intellectual and social level when they strive to comprehend it and apply its teachings to life.'  - [Taken from the inside cover]

About The Translator

Aminah Assami was born in southern California in 1940 and embraced Islam in 1974 in Syria after completing intensive Arabic language courses.  

In 1981 she moved to Saudi Arabia, and has taught classes in tafseer and basic fiqh at the Islamic Cultural Center in Jeddah since 1991.  

She has authored and/or revised more than 70 Islamic books in English, mostly for Dar Abul-Qasim.  

Her precise translation skills and effective writing style has gained her an impressive reputation appreciated by a dedicated reading audience.  

Some of her bestselling titles are The Global Messenger, Realities of Faith, The Path to Prayer, The Marriage Procedure in Islam, The Forty Hadith of al-Iman an-Nawawi (in which each hadith is accompanied by explanatory notes), and From the Guidance of Surah Ya Seen.

About The Editor

Mary M. Kennedy was born in Orlando, Florida in 1965 and graduated from The Florida State University in 1986 with an English/Business Pre-Law major.  

She embraced Islam in 1985 and moved to Jeddah in early 1987, where she currently resides.  

Her expertise in the English language has been a valuable asset to the team’s production of appealing literature.  

Having been on leave for several years, she returned at the beginning of 2009 to continue her work with Saheeh International.

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