A Blessed Valley, Wadi Hadramawt & Alawi Tradition, M Al-Badawi
[#4502 Vol 1 0B2 PB 240pp Guidance Media, Colour images. Ba-'Alawi sayyids of Hadramawt.]

A Blessed Valley, Wadi Hadramawt & Alawi Tradition, M Al-Badawi

A Blessed Valley (Volume 1) -
Wadi Hadramawt & the Alawi Tradition

Mostafa al-Badawi
Guidance Media
ISBN: 9780955089145
Paperback, 240 pages with colour images

One of the purest lineages of the People of the House is that of the Ba-'Alawi sayyids of Hadramawt. Their tradition and chains of transmission remain unbroken to this day.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of 'Alawi's all over the world, a good number of whom are authoritative scholars, and many of whom achieve sanctity, whether or not they reveal to the external observer anything of their inner states.

Their influence in the Islamic world is bound to remain substantial in the foreseeable future, if not, as once stated by Imam al-Haddad, until the appearance of the Mahdi.  It is in order to illustrate the continuity of their pattern of knowledge and sanctity and connect it to their current influence that this book has been written.

The House of Prophecy to

Imam Ali Zayn al-Abidin to

The House of Aydarus to

The House of al-Attas to

The Banner of Light

About The Author 
Dr. Badawi is a scholar of great benefit, whose books address topics often neglected by others. He always has new things to say and his works, if studied well, repay the student abundantly. Arabia is terra incognita for too many people around the world and particularly in the West. Far from being a wasteland, it is a vast ocean of spirituality and its lost history of Prophetic activity is well-explored her. Dr Badawi is like a great explorer unearthing Roseeta Stones of lost knowledge for us. He has done the hard work, and left for us the sheer enjoyment of persuing the treasures he has unearthed. - Hamza Yusuf

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