KOPAH : Russian Meanings of the Qur'an (Meaning only)
[WI#4642, 3C1, 136@7B, PB 576pp Published in India, Meaning only, Arabic Text Not Included]

Russian Translation of the Meaning of The Holy Qur'an
Translated By M. H. O. Ocmahoba
Paperback 580 Pages
Printed in India

About The Book

When you look around today at a world so embroiled in economic and religious turmoil,  in the Translation of the Meaning of Qur'an you will find Solace and  beauty?

'And thus: We have revealed to you a Qur'an in Arabic so that you may warn the Foremost of all towns and those who dwell around it, and may warn of the Day of Gathering, which is beyond all doubt. One group will be in the Garden, and one group will be in the Flames.'  [TMQ 42:7]

The Qur'an represents the final revelation of Allah to mankind. It contains Allah's ultimate message of divine guidance until the Day of Judgment and hence, the necessity of understanding and implementing all of its verses.

Although it is of vital importance to understand the meaning of the Qur'an by reading translation of it's meaning or by other means.

The important matter is that the Qur’an must be read in Arabic in prayer and as a separate act of worship. The point here is that these acts of worship rely on reading God’s own word, which is in Arabic. The translated text is the word of the translator, which may not be free of error, and certainly cannot reflect all the shades of meaning which the splendid literary style of the Arabic text reflects.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, 'The Qur'an and those who committed themselves to it will be presented on the Day of judgement, preceded by Surah al-Baqarah and Surah al Imran.'   [Muslim 805]

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, 'Whoever recited Surah Yasin in the night seeking Allah's pleasure, Allah would forgive him'.  [Ibn Hibban, Darimi 3283/A, Abu Yala, Tabarani, Baihaqi & Ibn Mardawaih]

The Beloved Prophet (SAW) said, 'Whoever recites surah al Waqiah at night would never encounter poverty'.   [Ibn Sunni 620]

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