Hanafi Principles Of Testing Hadith (Arb - Eng) Shaykh Atabek
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Hanafi Principles Of Testing Hadith : Arabic Text - English Translation 
By Shaykh Atabek Shukurov An-Nasafi
Translation and Commentary By Sulaiman Ahmed
Hardback 322 Pages
ISBN : 9780993018305
Publisher : Avicenna Publishing

About the Book

This manual has used and condensed the teachings from the following authoritative classical books : Usul Bazhdawi, Usul Sarakhsi, Mukhtasaar Manaar, Manaar al-Anwaar, Usul Laamishi, Al-Fusul Fe al-Usul, Kishful Asraar, Al-Tahqeeq Sharh al-Husami and Mizaan al-Wusool.

This book is a manual which explains the methodology of the traditional Hanafi School towards hadith. There are thousands of hadith; the concern of both the scholar and the layman is what their approach should be to these narrations. We know some of these hadith are accepted into theology or belief, and thus need to fulfil the highest criteria of proof. Other hadith are accepted into law and everyday practice, but for these the burden of proof required is less than in issues of theology - yet they still require strong evidence in favour of their authenticity, especially when they can result in rulings about legal punishments (and especially capital punishment). Yet others are examples of how to follow the Prophetic tradition or words of wisdom, and consequently the degree of verifiability required for these is much lower. We also have some hadith which are completely rejected based on a variety of principles.

The book elucidates in detail each principle of the Hanafi School alongside rulings and Appendices that give practical contemporary examples of how to apply the principles. The text has full references using endnotes in the bibliography and throughout there are comprehensive and yet concise explanations, for each principle. The reader will understand that Hanafi Mustalah differs to the methodology of Bukhari and Muslim as it encompasses validation of the chain (sanad) and text (matn) of the hadith whereas the Muhaditheen (such as Bukhari and Muslim) check only the chain.

Hadith is one of the main sources of religion in Islamic tradition. There are many hadith, but are they all accepted? If not, then which ones are rejected? The principles of what to do with hadith (Mustalah) were set up by two of the four major orthodox schools of thought, the Hanafis and Shafis.

During the last eight hundred years the Shafi principles of hadith (Mustalah) have become much more famous, to the point that it was adopted by prevalent Hanafis. In recent times nearly all institutes are teaching the Shafi principles of hadith. This has resulted in confusion for the Hanafis as the principles of hadith they were learning, were not matching the resultant jurisprudence of the Hanafis.

This book “Hanafi Principles of testing Hadith” is recommended for all readers who interact with hadith. If you are one of those who have read the many hadith and are left confused due to the content because the hadith defies logic or it clashes with the set up principles of the religion then this is a “must read” for you.

It is the first book, which contains the Hanafi principles of Hadith, with its English translation and a brief commentary all contained in one manual.

The founders of Avicenna Academy: Shaykh Atabek Nasafi and Shaykh Sulaiman Ahmed have written a book, but more specifically we could say a manual, targeting the very important questions in the minds of many students of knowledge and average Muslims on the topic of Hadith. 

About Shaykh Atabek Shukurov An-Nasafi

He was born in Uzbekistan,  completed his studies at the age of 21 in various subjects including Arabic Language, Hadith, Fiqh, Usul-ul-Fiqh, Qawaid-ul-Fiqh, Tafsir and Tajweed at Madrasa Abul Qasim and Jamia Islamia in Uzbekistan.

He graduated as a scholar but he furthered his studies in Syria under the  Al-Ijaza Al-Alimiyya programme, the studies included: Sharh Ibn Aqeel with Shaykh Atiyya, Sharh Fiqh al-Akbar with Shaykh Adeeb Al-Kallas, Lubab fi Sharh Al-Kitab (also known as Quduri) with Shaykh Abdullah Rabiah, Aqeeda with Shaykh Saeed Ramadan al-Buti, Risala Qushariyyah with Shaykh Abdul Fatah Bizm, Hadith with Shaykh Sadiq Darwish, Da’wa with Shaykh Tawfiq al-Buti. He graduated in 2003 after spending the final year at Al-Azhar University.

In 2006 the Shaykh moved to the United Kingdom. He has taught in many Masjids across numerous town and cities including Bradford, Rochdale, Oldham, Liverpool, Huddersfield, Birmingham and London.

In 2012 Shaykh Atabek with Sulaiman Ahmed established the Avicena Academy formally teaching Islamic Scholarship and Herbal Medicene.


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