Battles By the Prophet in Light of the Qur'an By S A H Rizvi
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Battles By the Prophet in Light of the Qur\'an By S A H Rizvi

Battles By the Prophet in Light of the Qur'an
By Sayyid Ameenul Hasan Rizvi
Paperback 167 Pages
Publisher : Abul-Qasim Publishing, Jeddah

About The Book

'In this book I have given an account of seven major battles in which Prophet Muhammad (S) participated personally, commanding the Muslim army. The chapter dealing with the Treaty of al-Hudaybiyyah is not about a battle, as the Prophet (aft) had set out for Makkah neither with the intention of fighting nor did any fight actually take place.

But early historians have included it in books on battles by the Prophet (S), as its details and ramifications are worthy of placement among them. More than narrating the details of actual combat and the feats of valorous individuals in each battle, I have concentrated on the narration and analysis of circumstances which led to each battle, the state and stage in which the Islamic movement was at the time of each battle, and how the consequences of each battle related to and benefited the work of Islamic da’wah (propagation). 

The spotlight remains, of course, upon the personality of Prophet Muhammad (S) as a master tactician, superb general, and first rate commander possessing unmatched qualities of leadership, all of which he fully employed to serve the cause of Islam and his mission as the Messenger of Allah. It is noteworthy that after every battle (as well as after the Treaty of al-Hudaybiyyah), Allah revealed some verses of the Holy Qur’an commenting upon certain aspects of the incident. These observations were predominantly aimed at teaching the Muslims Islamic discipline and strengthening their faith. 

In addition, Islamic rulings pertaining to war, treaties, prisoners and booty were also gradually laid down through these verses. As soon as revealed, they immediately became known to all Muslims, non-Muslims and hypocrites, none of whom ever questioned the veracity of the events as narrated in these verses, which they would have surely done had there been even a microscopic inaccuracy in the Qur’an’s version of those events. Thus, the world has access to the most authentic and wholly unimpeachable record of these battles. I have, in narrating the events, quoted the applicable verses. (From the Preface)

This book contains: 

  • The Seven Battles
  • Islamic Rulings Concerning War, Spoils and Prisoners of War


  • The Charter of Madinah
  • Text of the Treaty of al-Hudaybiyyah
  • Da'wah Letters Sent by the Prophet


"And [remember] when you, [O Muhammad], left your family in the morning to post the believers at their stations for the battle [of Uhud] - and Allah is Hearing and Knowing." - {TMQ: 3:121}

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