Imam Al-Ghazali : The Proof of Islam

Desires make slaves out of kings and patience makes kings out of slaves. [Imam al Ghazali]

Abu Hamid Muhammad Al-Ghazali, famous in the world of learning as al-Ghazali  was born in 450 AH (1058 A.D), in Persia. He graduated from the Nizamia Madrasah at Nishapur, with distinction. A very famous educational institution in Nishapur.  Later he was appointed as a teacher at the Nizamia College in Baghdad, where he proved very successful in imparting knowledge to the scholars under his care. This valuable gift of sustaining interest of his pupils and passing on his knowledge to them made him so famous that students from all parts of the country flocked to study under him.

Imam al-Ghazzali was  fondly referred to as the "Hujjat-ul-lslam", Proof of Islam, He is honoured as a scholar and a saint by learned men all over the world.

Al-Ghazali  is generally acclaimed as the most influential thinker of the  Classical period of Islam, in his  autobiography The Deliverance from Error,  the Imam describes his education and his intellectual crisis, which left him so paralysed by doubt that he   he gave up his academic pursuits and worldly interests and became a wandering ascetic. This was a process (period) of mystical transformation. Later, he resumed his teaching duties, but again left these. An era of solitary life, devoted to contemplation and writing then ensued, which led to the authorship of a number of everlasting books (Many of which have been translated in English). Imam al-Ghazzali's life was spent in self-sacrificing service of God and his fellowmen. He left behind him a fine example for all men to follow. He died in 505 AH.



An Exposition Of The Hearts: Imam Al-Ghazali Lebanon Print

Imam Ghazzali lays open the hearts and exposes their diseases, ailments, maladies, virtues, merits and values. In doing so, he proves that the hearts are capable of both good and evil, and that it is upon us to either cleanse and purify them, or to soil and contaminate them. Purification of the heart would lead to a life of peace, tranquility, satisfaction, Paradise, and eventual pleasure of Allah. On the other hand, contamination of the hearts would lead to a life of stress, tension, constant fear, dissatisfaction, Hell, and the displeasure of Allah.

Moral & Religious Teachings of Al Ghazali By Nawab Ali

The book presents Imam Ghazali's approach towards the lifting of the veil from the eyes of Heart to see the mysterious relation between man and Allah, The Creator of the Universe, touching all the qualities of man. 

Imam Al-ghazali Mukhtasar Ihya Ulum Ad-din Abridged By Himself

The Ihya Ulum al-Din is widely regarded as one of the great work of Muslim spirituality, and has, for centuries, been the widely read work in the Muslim world. The masterpiece of Imam al-Ghazali, unquestionably one of the greatest thinkers and theologians of Islam. It is divided into four parts each containing ten chapters. 

Al-Ghazali: Knowledge of the Hereafter Durrah al-Fakhirah

All major religions have dealt with questions of life after death, although many do not treat it in detail as have Muslim theologians and traditionists. The present text attributed to Imam al-Ghazali was based on a translation of his Durrah al-Fakhirah (The Precious Pearl).

Al-Ghazali - The Secrets of Pilgrimage, tr: Ibrahim Umar, IBT

This little book is translated from Kitab Asrar al-Hajj, the seventh chapter of the celebrated 12th-century work, Ihya Ulum al-Din. Al-Ghazali invites readers to dwell on the subject of the hajj beyond its mechanics and rituals, and to pay attention to its true substance, purpose and philosophy.

Al-Ghazali: Deliverance From Error & The beginning of Guidance

English Translation of Two great classics in One Book

Deliverance from Error (Al Munqidh min al-Dalal) also known as Al-Ghazali's Path to Sufism: The Autobiography By Iman Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

The Beginning of Guidance Bidayatul Hidayah - Considered as an Introduction to The Ihya Ulum Ud Din


The book was originally written by Imam Ghazali in the Persian language. It is a compendium of some chapters of his main work Ihya Ulum al-Din. 

Al-Ghazali on Administrative Ethics:- Ref to Nasihat Al-Muluk

In this book Imam Al-Ghazali ia advising a ruler of his time as to how the Kingdom should be ruled in the wisest manner possible and with Justice. 

Imam Al-Ghazali: A Concise Life By Edoardo Albert (Short Biography)

Award-winning author, Edoardo Albert, brings this most extraordinary of Muslims to life for a new generation, demonstrating his enduring influence and importance for Islamic civilization and the wider world. 

Al-Ghazali's Ihya Ulum id Din New English Complete Translation

The First Complete English Translation which is NOT ABRIDGED & ENGLISH IS GOOD A great book to help us in tackling some real Issues that we face during the course of everyday Life.

The Revival of the Religions Sciences (Ihya Ulum al-Din) is widely regarded as one of the great work of Muslim spirituality, and has, for centuries, been the widely read work in the Muslim world. 

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