The Qur'an - A Modern English Version By Majid Fakhri - PB

Dear Brother
Merciful ALLAH'S Peace Be with you, all.

Majid Fakhry's depth of missionary zeal can be guessed from reading his introduction. His favourite TMQ is by Rodwell.
Followings are comments about Rodwell's invocations, as reviewed by Kidwai.
"Dissatisfied with Sale's work, J.M. Rodwell, Rector of St. Ethelberga, London, produced his translation entitled The Koran (London, 1861). Apart from hurling all sorts of wild and nasty allegations against the Prophet and the Qur'an in the Preface, Rodwell is guilty of having invented the so-called chronological Sura order of the Qur'an. Nor is his translation free from grave mistakes of translation and his own fanciful interpretations in the notes."

For hilarious comparison of Rodwell, Muslim Scholars and Majid Fakhry I present herewith:

Chapter 108, Al-Kawther (Abundance) Verse 2
[Shakir 108:2] Therefore pray to your Lord and make a sacrifice.
[Yusufali 108:2] Therefore to thy Lord turn in Prayer and Sacrifice.
[Pickthal 108:2] So pray unto thy Lord, and sacrifice.

[Rodwell 108:2] Pray therefore to the Lord, and slay the victims.
[Majid Fakhry 108:2] So pray to your Lord and offer in sacrifice.
[George Sale, was the first Englishman, a missionary to translate the Holy Quran from Arabic to English in 1736. 108: 2
Wherefore pray unto thy Lord, and slay the victims.

I hope you have found the Missionary Scholarship, like that of Majid Fakhry, amusing.

With Best Wishes

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