Safar: The Second Hijri Month

Safar: The Second Hijri Month

Following the End of Muharram few days ago, we have entered the month of Safar 1439 Hijri.

Following the End of Muharram few days ago, we have entered the month of Safar 1439 Hijri

The origin of the word Safar has few theories:

1) The pagan Arabs went on their looting expeditions they would leave their houses empty or ‘sifr’ meaning void.

2) The word is derived from the Arabic word for yellow called ‘sufr’ as when it was first named it fell in the time of autumn, hence the derivation the word yellow as all the leaves at that time turned yellow.

3) It is also said this word means 'whistling of the wind".


To believe that the month of Safar is inauspicious, or brings 'bad luck' or that it is harmful to marry or propose to marry or undertake a journey, etc., during these days are beliefs which are against the teachings of Islam.

After The Advent of Islam, our Rasul (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) strongly rejected such beliefs, ideas and habits.

The truth is that no time, day, month or date is in itself evil, but the deeds of people are either good or bad.

The time spent in the performance of good deeds will be auspicious and The time spent in sin and the disobedience of Allah Ta'la will be evil and ominous.

" "There is no superstitious owl, bird, no star-promising rain, no bad omen in the month of Safar".  [Sahih Bukhari]

Significant events during this Month:

The prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Married Hadhrat Khadija R.A in Safar.

Ghazwa Abwa and Bi'r Mu'onah took place in this month

Hadhrat Ali R.A married the Prophet’s (Peace Be Upon Him) daughter.

Hadhrat Fatima R.A in the latter days of Safar 2 Hijri.

Khubaib Ibn Adey R.A was martyred in Safar in the year 4 Hijri in Makkah.

Zaid Ibn Dathina R.A was martyred in this month in the year 4 Hijri in Makkah.

Khalid Ibn Waleed and 'Amr bin al-'As Accepted Islam in Safar 8 Hijri.

The Prophet’s (Peace Be Upon Him) Completion of Marriage to Umm Habibah R.A

The Death of As-Sultan Salahud-Din al-Ayyubiyy, may Allah raise his rank died on Wednesday the 27th of Safar, year 589 Hijri.

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