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List Of Surah & Para Numbers In Qur'anTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
List Of Surah & Para Numbers In Qur'an​ 1. Al-Fatiha in Para number 1 2. Al-Baqarah in Para Number 1, 2 and 3. 3. Ale-Imran in Para Number 3 and 4. 4. An-Nisa ٓin Para Number 4, 5 and 6. 5. Al-Ma'ida in Para Number 6 and 7. 6. Al-An'am in Para Number 7 and 8. 7. Al-Araf in Para Number 8 ...
Published: Tuesday 14 August, 2018
10 Loved Days By AllahTopic: Newsletters
In the Name of Allah and Blessings and Peace Upon the Final Messenger Muhammad (Sallallahu 'Alayhi Wa Sallam) 10 Loved Days By Allah ​Make Them Count ​May Allah (SWT) accept and make the Days of Hajj Easy for The Hujjaj & Make it Mabroor & Maqbool (accepted) Hajj for all Pilgrims. (Ameen...
Published: Saturday 11 August, 2018
Why West Craves Materialism & East Sticks To ReligionTopic: Articles
This article by Imran Khan (Pakistani Politician & Formaer Cricketer) appeared on Arab news; a leading English daily in Saudi Arabia - A REAL EYE OPENER which communicates real feelings of many a true Muslims in these trying & tested times. Why The West Craves Materialism & Why The East Sticks To...
Published: Friday 10 August, 2018
Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall: A Servant of IslamTopic: Introduction To Islam
Marmaduke Pickthall: A Servant Of Islam By Abu Ali Hadhrami He was born as William Pickthall in 1875 in London, to an Anglican clergyman, and spent his formative years in rural Suffolk. He was contemporary of Winston Churchill at Harrow, the famous private school. During intervals from living a ...
Published: Monday 06 August, 2018
Harvard Study Shows Positive Impacts Of Muslim HajjTopic: Articles
Harvard Study Shows Positive Impacts Of Muslim Hajj Study finds that Muslim pilgrimage experience promotes peace, harmony, women's rights. A study on the longer-term effect of participating in the Islamic pilgrimage found that Muslims communities have become more open in many ways after the H...
Published: Thursday 02 August, 2018
Hajj: Preparation, Recommendations And AdviceTopic: Customer Experience
Hajj: Preparation, Recommendations And Advice Before Leaving Don't leave your preparations too late - start them in good time. If you suffer from any ailment, such as a heart or chest condition or diabetes, tell your doctor or specialist that you are planning to undertake this journey...
Published: Thursday 26 July, 2018
Revised & Enlarged Edition Weekend Learning TextbooksTopic: News & Info
Price Increase New Revised and Enlarged Editions The Islamic Studies Weekend Learning Textbooks Available In The UK From The End Of August 2018 • Each lesson has been rewritten and elaborated. The lessons have been reshuffled and placed in distinct units. • Some of the old lesso...
Published: Thursday 19 July, 2018
New At KitaabunTopic: Newsletters
In the Name of Allah and Blessings and Peace Upon the Final Messenger Muhammad (Sallallahu 'Alayhi Wa Sallam) New Products Al-Ghazali On Condemnation Of Pride & Self-Admiration Al-Ghazali On Condemnation Of Pride & Self-Admiration £17.99 Facets Of Faith - Malek Bennabi And Abul A'la Maududi,...
Published: Wednesday 18 July, 2018
Practical Advice, Tips and Shopping (Packing) List For HajjTopic: News & Info
Useful Tips From the Book: Getting the Best out of Al-Hajj (Pilgrimage) [Darussalam] 1. Mark passports by putting coloured tape on the edge of the passport to make it easily recognisable in a pile of passports. 2. Make copies of your passports and keep separate from your passport. 3. Keep s...
Published: Sunday 15 July, 2018
Staying up Late ... A Disease of Modern Times by Asma ShameemTopic: Articles
Staying Up Late... A Disease Of Modern Times By Asma bint Shameem They roam the streets when everyone is asleep. Or they may hang out with friends all night at the local 'disco'. And if they are not 'out there', they are indoors, up until the wee hours of the morning, watching movies, listening...
Published: Wednesday 11 July, 2018
Sayyiduna Ubadah bin Samit (Radiyallahu Anhu) reports that the Prophet of Allah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: "Whoever's sleep is broken in the night and he recites the following Du'a and thereafter asks Allah (SWT) to forgive him or he makes Du'a, Allah will forgive him and accept his Du'a. An...
Published: Thursday 05 July, 2018
Muhtar Holland : Author And TranslatorTopic: Articles
Muhtar Holland Author And Translator Muhtar Holland was born in 1935, in the ancient city of Durham in the North East of England. This statement may be considered anachronistic, however, since he did not bear the name Muhtar until 1969, when he was moved-by powerful experiences in the latihan kej...
Published: Saturday 30 June, 2018
Nawawi On Sincerity & Having Conscious Intention In All ActionsTopic: Classical - Excerpts
Chapter One Sincerity (ikhlas) and having a conscious intention in all actions Bustan ul Arifeen: The Garden of the Gnostics (Nawawi) Allah says, "They were only ordered to worship Allah, making their din sincerely His as people of pure natural pure belief (hunafa'),1 and to establish the ...
Published: Thursday 28 June, 2018
Surah Fatiha: Towards Understanding The Qur'anTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
Towards Understanding the Qur'an: Abridged Tafhimal-Qur'an, HB
Published: Tuesday 26 June, 2018
Limited Service During Eid (14 - 19 June 2018)Topic: Customer Experience
Limited Service During Eid Break Eid Mubarak to the Muslim Ummah Globally. We ask Allah that He accepts from us our fasting, our standing in prayer, our recitation of the Qur'an and Forgiveness for our Past Sins. "Our Lord! Condemn us not if we forget or fall into error. Our Lord! La...
Published: Thursday 14 June, 2018
The Significance of Sadaqatul FitrTopic: News & Info
The Significance Of Sadaqatul Fitr Allah's Apostle enjoined the payment of one sa' of dates or one sa' of barley as Zakatul Fitr on every muslim slave or free, male or female, young or old. - {Bukhari 1503} Sadaqatul Fitr is wajib [compulsory] upon all Muslims slave or free, male, female a...
Published: Wednesday 13 June, 2018
Al-Ghazali On General Merit & Profit of Invocation &SupplicationTopic: Classical - Excerpts
Al-Ghazali On Invocations And Supplications Kitab Al- Adhkar Wa'l-Da'awat With Arabic Text of the Invocations & Supplications (3rd Revised Print July 2010) Book IX of the Revival of the Religious Sciences (Ihya Ulum al-Din) Translated With Introduction & Notes By Kojiro Nakamura Edited By T.J....
Published: Tuesday 12 June, 2018
Zakat ul Fitr & Make the Most of the Final Days of RamadanTopic: News & Info
Zakat-ul-Fitr (Sadaqat ul-Fitr) is part of the fast of Ramadan It a duty which is Wajib on every Muslim, whether male or female, minor or adult as long as he/she has the means to do so. It is characterised by the following elements: It must be physically given to the poor on the day of...
Published: Tuesday 12 June, 2018
FIX 3 Deeds for Every Night During The Last Ashra of RamadanTopic: Newsletters
Peace and Blessings Last Ten Days (Last Ashra) of Ramadan One Small Deed Could be Multiplied as if done for a 1000 Months. Although Ramadan is full of blessings and rewards, the last ten days hold a special status because Laylatul Qadr (The Night of Power) which is described in the Qur'an a...
Published: Wednesday 06 June, 2018
Fasting Ramadan & Its Virtues By Br. Isa Al-BosneeTopic: Articles
↵ Abu Umaamah r.a.a. said: "I said: 'O Messenger of Allah, tell me of an action by which I may enter Paradise'. He said: 'Take to Fasting, there is nothing like it.' " [An-Nasaa'ee, Ibn Hibbaan, Al-Haakim, Saheeh] In this hadeeth, the Prophet (s.a.w.) singled out fasting when asked about a deed ...
Published: Tuesday 05 June, 2018
Inner Dimensions Of Fasting Ramadan By Imam Abu Hamid Al-GhazaliTopic: Classical - Excerpts
↵ Reported on the authority of Sahl bin Sa'ad (R.A.) that the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) said, "Jannah has an entrance by the name of Ar-Rayyaan which is exclusively reserved for the fasting individuals. On the Day of Judgment, they will be called to pass through this entrance, after which it will be ...
Published: Tuesday 29 May, 2018
New Products At KitaabunTopic: Newsletters
New Products At Kitaabun Sarf Baha'i A Primer in Arabic Morphology By Baha al-Din Muhammad b. Husayn al-Amili (953 - 1030 AH) Sarf, known as morphology, is the means by which a person makes a distinction between verbs, nouns and verbal nouns, as well as root words. It also helps in recogni...
Published: Friday 18 May, 2018
Ramadan: Month of Qur'an, Based on Ibn Rajab's Lata'if al-Ma'rifTopic: Classical - Excerpts
Ramadan - Month Of The Qur'an By Br. Abu Dharr Based on Ibn Rajab's "Lata`if al-Ma`arif" and other sources The first part of this is based on an extract from Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali's Lata'if al-Ma'arif (pp. 179-182), quoted by Fahd bin Sulaiman in Kayf Nastafeed min Ramadan (pp. 48-50). The adv...
Published: Tuesday 15 May, 2018
Ramadan: Month of Qur'an, Based on Ibn Rajab's Lata'if al-Ma'rifTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
Ramadan - Month Of The Qur'an By Br. Abu Dharr Based on Ibn Rajab's "Lata`if al-Ma`arif" and other sources The first part of this is based on an extract from Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali's Lata'if al-Ma'arif (pp. 179-182), quoted by Fahd bin Sulaiman in Kayf Nastafeed min Ramadan (pp. 48-50). The adv...
Published: Tuesday 15 May, 2018
5 ways to avoid Ramadan weight gain & Health Guide LinesTopic: Articles
5 ways to avoid Ramadan weight gain "he who fast with the intentions of pleasing Allah his reward is with his lord". Some practical tips on how to avoid the "notorious" Ramadan weight gain that many Muslim suffer from. 1. Eat protein in the morning 2. Drink plenty of water when you break ...
Published: Saturday 12 May, 2018
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